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  1. kammy11

    ITR master cylinder + black recaros

    Yeah I could look at posting them. Where do you live? They're Integra DC5 black recaros. Very good condition.
  2. kammy11

    ITR master cylinder + black recaros

    I've got black DC5 recaros if they're any good mate
  3. kammy11

    Good K20 Crank Wanted

    Sent you a PM Dude
  4. kammy11

    wanted front dc5 seats

    I have a black set in very good condition mate
  5. kammy11

    Key issues..

    There is a key guy who lives nearby me dude. He might be able to help. I'll text you
  6. kammy11

    EK9 Rear Caliper (Passanger side)

    TMS in Stirling offer around the same pricing structure as brakes international man. There recond Nissin callipers too, got a set of 4 on my em1 and they're quality
  7. kammy11

    98 spec rear bumper DC2

    Get it!
  8. kammy11

    Jap Fest 2016 PICTURES ADDED

    Unfortunately my DC5 won't make it. As many of yous know it spun a bottom end bearing :( I'm still coming along just using my pass as normal. I'll pop over and say hi to you guys tho :)
  9. kammy11

    K20a bottom end failure

    Seems as though the engine was starved of oil man. Strange because it hadn't used barely any if any oil in 6 month then went through almost a full sump such a short time. Checked it on the Sunday and then the damage was a week on Monday so 8 days. Was lucky if it was driven for 100 mile in that...
  10. kammy11

    K20a bottom end failure

    Alright guys! So unfortunately the time came in my DC5 whereby I spun a bottom end bearing. Spun two shells, damaged two rods and also potentially the crank hahaha I'm only laughing because if i don't I'll cry! Anyway so I've kinda came to the conclusion I'm gonna rebuild the engine as the...
  11. kammy11 flag

    I'm sure we will get loads more people to donate. Like Jesse said there are plenty people on the stand :)
  12. kammy11 flag

    Aye fire me in there too boss
  13. kammy11

    Jap Fest 2016 PICTURES ADDED

    I'll be happy to bang in some wonga towards the merchandise :)
  14. kammy11

    The practical, comfy daily driver

    Very nice machine! Lucky for some haha
  15. kammy11

    Hi All Newbie Here

    Welcome aboard mate. I think the majority of us on here had an ej9 at one point or another! There are plenty things you can do at relatively low cost to make it looking much better. Fire some pics up :)
  16. kammy11

    Type One Garage visit

    Pictures are class man. You're one lucky son of a ***** haha!
  17. kammy11

    Your biggest frustrations?

    Everytime I go to spend some time on the car, for example a good was something crops up I need to fix on the car. Seems to happen more often than I would like. Or in the case of my dc5, was planning a respray and the bottom end decided to give way... Haha! :(
  18. kammy11

    Spark plugs

    The ngk plugs that you mentioned I've used for the past 3 services on my em1 and have just bought a 4th set. I know it's not a Type R but it's still a B16 so these will do a job They're so cheap replacing them every year isn't an issue. Like Rob said the iridium plugs are for service life...
  19. kammy11

    Hello all

    Welcome along mate! Hands down the best forum to be on, myself and @AzAc54 started here with our ej9 and still on here 5 years later in our Tegs. You'll find out everything you need on here
  20. kammy11 Facebook page & merch, what would you like to see?

    I'll be up for a hoodie too! Or a Tshirt. Like people have said although I've never had an ek9 as such the forum is great. Welcomed by all with my ej9 and I've continued to use it through my next two cars. Just in general a good forum to be on :)