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  1. kammy11

    K20a bottom end failure

    Alright guys! So unfortunately the time came in my DC5 whereby I spun a bottom end bearing. Spun two shells, damaged two rods and also potentially the crank hahaha I'm only laughing because if i don't I'll cry! Anyway so I've kinda came to the conclusion I'm gonna rebuild the engine as the...
  2. kammy11

    A Pillar/Headlining Leak

    Alright guys and girls! Took the dc5 off the road for the winter and brought the em1 back out to play. Noticed a few drops of water on the passenger seat so took off the pillar cover and was welcomed with this! :( Seems only to be in the corner so doesn't look like its sunroof area. My...
  3. kammy11

    DC5 Scuttle Panel

    As above. Needing the passenger side part for my induction kit please Thanks
  4. kammy11

    'kammy11' DC5

    As a few of you will already know I have moved on from my beloved em1 and got myself a dc5. Always said I would get one and I eventually have :D Black 04 plate - 61k on the clock, all converted to mph Previous owner owned it for 9 years, totally standard minus an air filter...
  5. kammy11

    EM1 Coupe

    Item for sale: EM1 Coupe Price: 3500 ono Paypal: N/A Location: Stirling, Scotland Condition: Very Good Description: Pictures: 1999 VSM Silver EM1 coupe 97,000 miles, will rise as daily I have lots of history with this car, all mods I have bought I have receipts for Spec List Interior...
  6. kammy11

    Standard DC5 AirBox

    As above if anyone has one Thanks
  7. kammy11

    USDM Si EM1 Coupe Spoiler

    As above, anyone got one they want to sell? I know they're rare! I would even be happy with a replica but can't find one of these either just now
  8. kammy11

    Fujitsubo Cat Back and Seeker Gear Knob

    Reputation: Location: Stirling, Scotland Can post If needed Paypal: Yes Item For Sale: Fujitsubo Legalis R Catback System 2.5" Condition: Good Description: Legalis R Catback 2.5" in good condition and also backbox has been changed to a sleeve...
  9. kammy11

    Alloy Rad and Fan

    As above looking for an alloy rad for my em1 coupe. Just seeing if anyone had one they were selling before I go and snap one up myself Probably be looking for half rad as I can't be bothered taking my air con out haha
  10. kammy11

    B18cr or B16b Cylinder Head

    As above! Must be in great condition with no damage at all, preferably one that hasn't been skimmed within an inch of its life! I'll need everything in the head minus the cams... Thanks
  11. kammy11

    SiR Facelift Grill

    I know they are rare but someone might have one or willing to sell one! Thanks
  12. kammy11

    new speedo, retain miles

    I know this has probably been covered aboot a million times but I am struggling to find what I need to know. Basically I might be buying a set of blue Si clocks and want to retain my current mileage. I know you "can" the clocks but I'm not keen on doing that. Is it possible to remove the blue...
  13. kammy11

    F1 to award double points for last race...

    Just seen this on the BBC Wesbite that from 2014 there will be double points available for the last race? What you guys think of this? Could make it interesting, make drivers stick in that bit more because they might be able to jump a place or two if they do well in the race. Saying that...
  14. kammy11

    Idle Problem... (I know)

    Right guys, I know this has been covered like a million times but bare with me :lol: Basically I have an idle issue in my em1 vti B16a2, the problem only seems to occur when the car has been for a good drive then comes to a stop, roughly 30/40 mins of driving. So far I have cleaned out the...
  15. kammy11

    Genuine Black Beaks Lower Tie Bar EK

    Item for sale: Black Beaks Lower Tie Bar EK Price: £50 + delivery Paypal:yes, or payment on collection Location: Stirling, Scotland Condition: 8/10 Description: Beaks bare for EK. Good condition a few marks here and there as expected from a bar underneath the car but nothing that can be seen...
  16. kammy11

    Black/Carbon B Series Plug Cover

    As above, what you guys got? :win:
  17. kammy11

    OEM em1 wheel studs

    One of the threads on my rear wheel stud is gubbed and I can't get the bolt onto the stud. Was wondering where is the best place to get replacement ones or if anyone if willing to take them off an old hub for me? Cheers
  18. kammy11

    B16a2 starter motor

    As above, anyone got one? Need a working one asap please
  19. kammy11

    B16a2 head improvements!

    Yo! As many of yous will know I f**ked my b16a2 engine not long ago, managed to get a replacement but it seems the head on my old one is fine. I was planning on doing some upgrades to my original head whilst its off then swap it back over onto the replacement engine. At least that way I can...
  20. kammy11

    Carbon ek facelift foglight covers

    Saw these on the password jdm website but they're a bit pricey. Wondered if anyone knew of anywhere else to get them or have a set. Long shot I know!