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  1. Mattharvey12

    MattHarvey12's Loooow 200sx S14a - Stage 2a

    Hello, Haven't been on here in agessss. Got made redundant in Feb this year and didnt really go on here unless I was at work. Got a job about 3 weeks later at Waitrose/JL head office so I cant really use the internet freely. But I bought this in April Car had a boost leak when...
  2. Mattharvey12

    Facelift Cosmic Grey Ep3

    Picked this up on Friday after selling my SiR a couple weeks ago. Picked this up for £400 more than i sold the SiR for. Bargain! Overall ill love my ek more than this, this is just a much better daily for me. I built the EK to raw to drive everyday. Plenty of fun can be had in this and...
  3. Mattharvey12

    Ek4 SiR. Sold :(

    last pics before it gets picked up on Saturday.. Last pictures :( Taken with my iphone IMG_2737 by Matt Harvey **, on Flickr IMG_2741 by Matt Harvey **, on Flickr IMG_2742 by Matt Harvey **, on Flickr IMG_2739 by Matt Harvey **, on Flickr
  4. Mattharvey12

    B series CV boots

    Both my inner CV gaiters have split and need new ones. As imports are impossible to get parts for as motor factors work on reg numbers, i want to know if UK EK4 Vti's use the same cv boots as JDM EK4 SiR's? Any help??
  5. Mattharvey12

    Slight hesitation

    I get this hesitation when i go to rev, always at the same point 2.5k-3.5k. Its not all the time, i think its mainly when its cold. go to accelerate and it wants to rev but it hesitates for a second then its fine again. very intermitent. Anyone heard of this before?
  6. Mattharvey12

    Yoko A048

    I have for sale four AO48 Semi Slick tyres (medium compound) Perfect for track days or even just to have some fun! Unbelievable grip from these, Still have 4-5mm left in them 195/50/15 Price: £250 delivered Location: Reading
  7. Mattharvey12

    South Mimms Honda Meet April 2012

    Here you go! All Manual settings, Standard 450D Kit. Quite happy with a few of them Sandy's Euro R by Matt Harvey **, on Flickr Civic by Matt Harvey **, on Flickr DC5.. RPF1.. by Matt Harvey **, on Flickr Dav's JordanTurbo by Matt Harvey **, on Flickr Scott's EK by...
  8. Mattharvey12

    Tegiwa X Brace... Calling for Tegiwa to look

    So i bought a Xbrace 2nd Hand in 100% condition with all the nuts and bolts, I went to fit it this weekend and was successful fitting the lower part of the X and the lower Strut. When we came to fit the top of the X we didnt have a bolt to fit the pivot supplied that goes in to the rear seat...
  9. Mattharvey12

    Reading Honda Meet 19th May

    You all know the drill with rules Postcode is RG2 0QG, Park by McDonalds but the other side of the railings in the bigger car park 6PM Start 1. Mattharvey Spread the words Chicken lickers
  10. Mattharvey12

    Honda Civic EK SiR

    Car for Sale: Honda Civic SiR (EK4) 3DR Hatch Price: £3500.00 Mileage: 104,400 miles (subject to change and purchased at 89,000 miles) Condition: USED Modifications: Detailed below.. Location: Reading, Berkshire UK Pictures: See below.. Right I have thoroughly thought this through and I feel...
  11. Mattharvey12

    96 EK4 dizzy needed asap

    As titled.
  12. Mattharvey12

    ARC Rep Winglets (theboooosh's)

    Item: Titled Price: £45 Delivered Location: Reading Description/Condition: Winglets for epic aero (joke) and looking good! Scratched underneath but not noticeable when fitted. Comes with fitting bolts. Fits pre-facelift as pictured but perfect fit for facelift i believe
  13. Mattharvey12


    I was doing the morning flick through to see whats happening. someone joined and must of commented on about 20 different threads. Probably rubbish answers aswell ( i cba to check) Over on Civiclife they do a 10post a day limit (or less) till they reach the 250 post to allow them rights to...
  14. Mattharvey12

    Fuel pump or crack sensor :/

    So i was driving home from the gym last night and i got to a set of traffic lights. just as i was about to pull off it stalled. Started it again, stalled again. Started it again and drove for another 1 mile or so. Started to go up a hill at about 30-40mph and it stalled again, tried starting...
  15. Mattharvey12

    B16A Transmission's

    So you know, I drive a EK SiR with a B16A Well i have a noise coming from the tranny when i release the clutch so im thinking to upgrade to a S4C because of the 4.4 drive and LSD. Then wiki has got me all confused. Do ALL the SiR's come with a 4.4FD and then have the option of a LSD or...
  16. Mattharvey12

    Facelift spoon lip on pre-facelift?

    anyone know if this will fit?
  17. Mattharvey12

    EK SiR lip p/x for your Spoon lip

    As title please Lip plus cash your way Condition is good, few surface scratches but really aren't noticeable. Comes with all fixing as it's still on my car Reading, uk
  18. Mattharvey12

    Rota slips

    Item for sale: Rota Slips Price:£260 posted Location: Reading, UK Condition: Good Description: Good condition slips with a few scuffs on 2 wheels, 5 stud multi-fit (came from a ek9 said the last owner), not sure on the offset. 4 falkens tyres in good condition, 1 is worse than the...
  19. Mattharvey12

    Enkei Racing-S 2 Piece Splits Wheels

    For sale are my Enkei Racing S wheels, I want a set of SW98 so these are being sold to fund them Item : Enkei Racing-s Split wheels Location : Reading, uk Price £300 Delivery ono or swap for Sprint SW98 or Try me Description : 15" 4x100. 7J Not sure on offset but its perfect fitment without...
  20. Mattharvey12

    My JAE 2011 Pics

    Only a couple pictures SimonF EG by Matt Harvey **, on Flickr Evo 6 TME by Matt Harvey **, on Flickr Awesome! by Matt Harvey **, on Flickr Del Sol by Matt Harvey **, on Flickr Civic Coupe by Matt Harvey **, on Flickr Supra by Matt Harvey **, on Flickr Here is a...