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    Crank no start issue

    I seem to have a crank no start issue with my turbo EK9. The car cranks healthily but won't start. I have tried 2 other distributors, new plug wires. I seem to be getting spark at the spark plugs and have also pulled the fuel injectors out to confirm I'm getting fuel. Timing has also been...
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    EK face lift bonnet

    Looking for a face lift ek bonnet preferably championship white but will consider other colours.
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    Identify Bullseye Power turbo

    I am currently running a t3/t04e 50 trim turbo on my EK9. It only has an 0.48 a/r turbine housing and runs out of puff above 7800 rpm. I'd like to change the turbo for something that will keep pulling to the 8800 rpm rev limit without running out of puff hence needing to change up early as I...
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    B18 turbo clutch recommendations

    Just wondering what clutches other people are running in their turbo b series? Have read up on past topics on both and other forums but seems most clutches have mixed reviews. Was planning on going for a CC Stage 4 with sprung disc. Not bothered by a slightly stiffer clutch pedal to...
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    Lack of power 7000rpm+

    I have a EK4 which seems doesnt seem to pull as hard after 7000rpm. It pulls fine in 1st, 2nd and 3rd although I think the problem may be there in these gears also but is mostly noticeable in higher gear. When you shift up to next gear it pulls fine again until 7000rpm and is also fine after...
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    Bmc cda

    I have a 80mm version of the BMC CDA on my EK4. Does anyone know if these have a velocity stack built in as im getting mixed answers. Ideally i'd like a Mugen intake so was wondering how the BMC compares to this? Im running a cold air feed to a facelift bumper with fog light cutout.
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    EK/EK9 Rolling shell

    Looking for an EK or EK9 rolling shell minus engine, gearbox, loom, ecu. Has to be facelift.
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    Megan racing 4-1 manifold

    Hi, Was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with the Megan Racing 4-1 manifold, good or bad? Was considering one to replace my DC Sports manifold as I prefer the sound. and also due to the fact my DC one isnt stainless.
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    Type r cams + springs and retainers

    As above, im after some type r cams, springs and retainers for my b16. May consider aftermarket cams also depending on price.
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    AEM V2 + Facelift splitter

    Looking for a cold air intake to replace my short ram. Ideally looking for AEM V2 or something similar which sits behind front bumper/arch. Also looking for type r facelift front/ rear splitter and passenger side skirt.
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    EK9/VTi Front splitter

    Im after a standard splitter for my EK4. Need it asap!
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    EK9 alternator on EK4

    Does anyone know if an EK9 alternator fits on to an EK4?