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    K swap parts!

    Need a few parts for a K swap!! Hybrid racing conversion harness for 96-98 civic. Kpro ECU or Immobilizer bypass.
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    EK9 Lock and keys

    Hello people, need a full lock and key set for an ek9. My ones a pre facelift if that makes a difference. Must include: Both door locks ignition barrel boot lock keys Thanks!
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    Honda Civic Type R advert 'Roar'

    Thought this was pretty epic. :D
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    Honda Civic EJ9 (Comet Blue with B16A2 swap)

    Item for sale: Honda Civic EJ9 (Comet Blue with B16A2 swap) Reputation: (Post a link to your reputation thread) Price: SOLD Paypal: Nope Location: London Condition: 7/10 Rear arches have some rust. Description: Mileage: 87000 on engine(can be backed up by Azad), Chassis 126009 I bought the...
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    EK9 Parts for sale!

    It hurts to do this but I have decided to sell all the EK9 parts I’ve collected over the two years as I can’t register the shell I got from Ireland due to a number of reasons, I’ve tried for long enough and can no longer afford to keep it so here goes!! ALL LARGE PARTS ARE...
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    Roehampton Vale Asda, Kingston.

    I go to Kingston uni and usually see a Facelift EK9 in the Asda supermarket with a HOT sticker, it's an R reg I think. Anyone on here?
  7. J

    Interior ABS loom

    As title, will need a interior loom from an ABS pre facelift EK9 and will have to be COMPLETE, no cuts or missing pieces. The one I have in the car is cut in so many places it's a nightmare to work on :angry2: Cheers
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    Places to visit in Japan

    Hello people, I'll be going on holiday in Japan for the summer, can't wait!! :dance: I need some suggestions for places to visit, so far I'll be visiting Tokyo, Fuji mountains, Osaka and twin ring motegi. I've got two weeks worth of touring to do so ALL suggestions welcomed. From places to...
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    EK9 pre facelift front bumper+lip and mats

    As title really, the bumper has to be championship white and all five mats have to be in good condition. Cheers
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    Proof of year of car from manufacturer

    Hello guys, just wanted to ask if I needed to get proof of year of car from the manufacturer would I just drive down to my local Honda showroom so they can check it and confirm the year? I went to register my EK9 and as I don't have the logbook they told me I would need to get some proof for...
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    Does my car need an SVA test?

    Hi people, I was on the phone to the insurers(Admiral) as I thought its about time I get the car insured, from what I researched on I found that and imports older than 10 years old will only need VIN number insurance, MOT and Tax to be registered in the UK. The insurance company is telling me it...
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    EK9 front arch liners

    I need EK9 front arch liners as I seem to be missing mine Cheers
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    Xbox 360 Slim Halo Edition + Games

    Item for sale: Xbox 360 Halo Reach edition + 5 Games + Venom charger and stand Reputation: Price: £140 Paypal?: No Cash on collection(delivery and paypal will be available after Christmas if it doesn't sell by then as I'm...
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    Recaro bolt size

    Can anyone tell me the size of the bolts that connect the rail to the floor? Cheers
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    Part number for EK9 engine mount bolts

    Need the above for my engine build and how many would I need? Cheers
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    Hello people, need a driver's side Recaro with EK9 rails Cheers
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    EK9 rebirth (slow rebuild)

    Hey guys I guess it's about time I get this going, I ordered an EK9 shell from vtec performance last year but only started working on it this summer. I've been really busy lately so couldn't get much done but I have been collecting panels and parts for a B18 swap. Here's a picture of how it...
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    Mounts and ecu

    Hi people, need a couple if parts for my build 1. B16 engine mounts and B18 side engine mount bracket 2. P28 ECU Thanks
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    Hi people, a quick question, I'm going to underseal the car in the next week or so, I've been reading up on what to use and how to do it. This is what I think I should do lol 1. Degrease and clean 2. Anti rust primer 3. Waxoyl 4. Underseal I'm hoping that's all I need, any help or...
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    Bolts help

    I'm hoping someone can help me with this, I've been searching everywhere but can't seem to find bolts for front and back bumper, also the fenders. If anyone can tell me where to get the bolts from that would be greatly appreciated or if anyone has any Thanks