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  1. DavidEJ9

    Enkei Racing RS wheels 15" 4x100

    Item for sale: Enkei Racing RS Reputation: Price: €250 Paypal: No Location: Ballina, Co.Mayo, Ireland. Condition: Good. All wheels have been sandblasted and are ready for paint, Would be a great set for getting powder coated...
  2. DavidEJ9

    Davidej9 feedback

    Feedback welcome :)
  3. DavidEJ9

    Cluster, elec mirrors + windows not working?

    Everything seems to be pluged in under the dash and a got a new battery? What may be causing it? Bad earths or do I need new fuses?:(( :angry2:
  4. DavidEJ9

    D14A4 Idle control valve

    Car has been having some idling problems so I need to get the IACV cleaned but in the EJ9 it is fairly awkward to get at because it is under the intake mani, If I were to remove the intake mani would there be anything to watch out for? :blinx:
  5. DavidEJ9

    Car will not turn over

    Car has been sitting up for awhile, Gave some power to the battery of another car, The lights and heater and all that work but when I go to start the car it does not even make that clicking sound? Also the clocks are not lighting up ?:blinx:
  6. DavidEJ9

    Bride or Recaro gear gaiter?

    Anyone on here sell or make Bride or Recaro material gear gaiters?
  7. DavidEJ9

    EK9 Rear Bench

    Looking for EK9 rear bench/seats in Ireland :nice:
  8. DavidEJ9

    *Mugen Gearknob*

    Want any style Mugen gear knob (Genuine) Show me what you got.
  9. DavidEJ9

    Custom door cards?

    Any one make up some custom door cards for your civic? Looking for some ideas
  10. DavidEJ9

    Eibach sportline lowering springs any good?

    Hoping to lower the EJ9 soon, Just wondering does anyone on here have this setup and how do they feel about it? And also if you have an pictures of your car with these post a picture if you can :) :thanks:
  11. DavidEJ9

    Glue behind doorcards?

    What is the best way to remove the very sticky glue from in behind the doorcards? 1998 Honda Civic EJ9.
  12. DavidEJ9

    EJ9 Revving by itself

    My EJ9 Civic was sitting up for some time and when I started it a few days ago when the car is in neutral its start revving up to 1.5k revs by itself.. What would be the cause to this problem? 1998 Honda Civic EJ9, D14A4.
  13. DavidEJ9

    98 Honda Civic EJ9 Breaking!

    Decided to break the Civic as it is to much work for me and I do not have the funds to pump into it. Have all parts. Will be getting rid of everything! Smoothed front bumper. Rear Type R lip small crack in the underside. Aftermarket steering wheel and Honda boss. Benen Tow hook...
  14. DavidEJ9

    Honda Primo Windshield Banner

    *SOLD* I am selling my unused Honda Primo windshield banner I got off Tegiwa a few months ago. To suit EK shape Civic. Payment : Paypal Price + P&P : €21/£16 PM for details.
  15. DavidEJ9

    Will these fit with EK rails?

    Just wondering if these seats will fit into an EJ9 using EK rails? RECARO BUCKET SEATS cheap** For Sale in Donegal : €160 -
  16. DavidEJ9

    Boy racers UK | VICE Documentary.

    If you are looking for something to watch! :nice: VICE picked very scummy people to feature in a documentary like this! Now everyone, everywhere who is not involved in the scene will think all the people who are in the car scene are like this! Boy Racer | VICE United Kingdom
  17. DavidEJ9

    What steering wheel have you got?

    If you have an aftermarket steering wheel in your EK could you post saying what it is and maybe a picture of it in the car :)
  18. DavidEJ9

    Clear coast over rust spots?

    Is it possible to just sand down the rust spots a bit and then put a clear coat over? *Fail on title* Coat*
  19. DavidEJ9

    Removing full interior to repaint inside, Anyone do it?

    Just wondering has anyone here removed full interior dash and all just to repaint their interior? Thinking about doing it :nerv:
  20. DavidEJ9

    Eibach Sportline?

    Anyone have the Eibach Sportline spring? What do you think of them? :nice: