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  1. muhammadravat9

    Rear Seats ek4

    Quick question, cant seem to find an answer. Any help is greatly appreciated. I have a facelift ek4, will preface ek4 rear seats fit into my facelift? Ive been told there different...
  2. muhammadravat9

    Dc2 Rear Bench For Ek4

    Ive got an ek4. I bought the dc2 rear seats (UK). The back part goes straight in. Ive attempted swapping the fabric from dc2 bench to ek4 foam n its impossible to stretch over. Also my ek4 bench foam looks larger then the one in the diy on here. So was wondering if anyones selling a bench...
  3. muhammadravat9

    Ek4 Rear Toe Arms

    As above. After a passenger rear toe arm or a set for a decent price. new or used but bushes in good nick... What u got?
  4. muhammadravat9

    Yellow EK9

    Posting on behalf of a mate. Hes after a yellow ek9, preferably under 100,000 miles altogether. Overall in good nick. I thought of no better place but here to post a wanted thread. Please chime in if u know of any for sale with details please. Thanks
  5. muhammadravat9

    muhammadravat9 Reputation

    Please post in here if weve ever done business and share the experience! :thanks:
  6. muhammadravat9

    DC2/EK9 Rear ARB

    As title says. Im after a dc2 or ek9 rear arb, with or without droplinks/brackets, preferably with. Needs to be posted. Anybody out there got anything?