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  1. 5alldaway

    basic suspension set up for a noob

    hi folks i have my first track day at oulton park on tuesday, i am running miester zeta r coilovers(rest of the suspension is standard) and i was looking for some advice on a rough suspension setting do i need to run the front soft or hard? do i need to run the rear softer or harder than the...
  2. 5alldaway

    mfactory 4.9 final drive for sale

    mfactory 4.9 final drive for sale Item for sale: mfactory 4.9 final drive for sale Price: £300 Location: burton upon trent/derby Condition: used but in good condition Reputation: 5alldaway Description: i purchased this for a ek9 which i found out the other day wont fit the ek9 gearbox after...
  3. 5alldaway

    does anyone know member ben parker?

    hi does anyone know ben parker? i bought a part off him a good few months ago and i need to clear a few things up thanx
  4. 5alldaway

    takata issue

    hi folks, i bought a set of takata harnesses and here are them placed in my seat they look too short right? or is there something else i need to buy to make it fit?
  5. 5alldaway

    ek9 recaro passenger side

    Item for Sale: ek9 recaro passenger side Rep: Price: £180 PayPal: no, cash on collection Location: burton upon trent Condition: bolsters are good, no rips, but a bit of fabric is flaking, will supply a pic later Description: passenger...
  6. 5alldaway

    ek9 facelift bonnet in championship white

    Item for sale: ek9 facelift bonnet in championship white Reputation: Price: £70 Paypal:Yes Location: burton upon trent Condition: 8/10 Description: ek9 facelift bonnet in championship white, good condition, no dents, still has the stickers on the...
  7. 5alldaway

    white ek9 spotted hams hall

    was on my way to cardiff from burton upon trent tonight at 12.15am, spotted a white ek9 in the hams hall area before joining onto the motorway, flashed you and then went past you and then your caned it passed me lol! i was in fuel saving mode as i was over 120 miles away from cardiff!
  8. 5alldaway

    ek9 preface bonnet in championship white

    ek9 preface bonnet in championship white please what have you got?
  9. 5alldaway

    ek9 oem airbox

    Item for sale: ek9 oem airbox Reputation: Price: £70 Paypal: yes Location: burton upon trent Condition: good Description: oem airbox from my ek9, good condition, has a small split where the mount is, picture to follow...
  10. 5alldaway

    genuine facelift ek9 bonnet

    Item for sale: genuine ek9 facelift bonnet Reputation: Price: £100 Paypal?: yes Location: burton upon trent Condition: used but good Description: genuine ek9 facelift bonnet, in good general condition, has had a few chips touched...
  11. 5alldaway

    drivers side arch lining/splash guard

    looking for a good drivers side arch liner/splash guard for a preface ek9 must be good and unbroken, let me know
  12. 5alldaway

    facelift carbon bonnet and carbon splitter

    Item for sale:facelift carbon fibre bonnet Reputation: Price: £250 collection only Paypal:no Location: burton upon trent Condition: 9/10 Description: carbon fibre bonnet purchased from tegiwa a year ago, excellent condition...
  13. 5alldaway

    front wings for ek9

    hi folks, im currently looking for used genuine front wings(prefacelift) for my car, but at the same time i wouldnt mind new non genuine items as long as the fitment is good has anyone bought any non genuine front wings and the fitment has been spot on?? recommend a place where i can get some...
  14. 5alldaway

    pre facelift body parts wanted

    im coverting my ek9 back to pre-facelift cause a previous owner face-lifted it parts i need are- pre facelift genuine front bumper pre facelift genuine front lip both front wings bonnet would prefer parts in championship white but will consider other colours, what have you got?
  15. 5alldaway

    vss(vehicle speed sensor) needed

    hi folks im after a vss(vehicle speed sensor) for my ek9 anyone got a good working one available?
  16. 5alldaway

    running woes

    hi folks when i first got my ek9 i had a running issue, basically i would just be cruising at around 70mph and the car would just start stuttering and then it would sort itself out after about 10 seconds or so, anyway i had the oxygen sensor changed for a new one and the car has been fine for a...
  17. 5alldaway

    dc2 b18 type r engine

    im after a b18 engine from a dc2, what have you guys got?
  18. 5alldaway

    bonnet badge + genuine front splitter

    hi folks, im after 2 parts bonnet honda badge, must be genuine and unfaded front splitter for facelift ek9 cheers
  19. 5alldaway

    black ek9 barton under needwood

    spotted a black ek9 going over the flyover of the a38 in barton under needwood at approx 5pm anyones on here?
  20. 5alldaway

    the wrong spark plugs, bad or not bad?

    hi folks, when i bought my ek9 last year i was given 4x brand new ngk spark plugs, from what i remember they were pretty basic ones, not the all singing and dancing ones i see people fitting to their cars anyway ive had these basic spark plugs fitted and the car runs fine, but if i carry on...