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  1. Boes16a2

    EK9 in the Netherlands - change up

    didn't know you wrecked the B16B, and in a big way too. And I like the new look, wouldn't be to everybody's liking but I get it. I'm also going B18C coming winter, can't wait for the torque and HP increase
  2. Boes16a2

    Bavarian Bronze EK4

    Always great fun opening boxes and collecting parts. Just like Christmas: A B18C in the making :) Also got an ABS ECU from an EK9 and the difference is really noticeable, its not nearly as restrictive as the EK4 unit. So less brake power is taken out. Letting the hawks and wildwoods work to...
  3. Boes16a2

    My Samurai EK4 Rallye #113

    Ah okay, I thought there was a difference in deck height. will there be a difference between a C4 and C-R after you swap all this over? there is a difference in block right?
  4. Boes16a2

    My Samurai EK4 Rallye #113

    not the usual style, but very well executed, regarding the C-r head on a B18C4, doesn't this lower your compression and thus not give a gain in performance? or am I wrong about this? I'm not an expert so I was just wondering
  5. Boes16a2

    EK3 - K24

    very nice build, very understated looks with a monster engine :nice:
  6. Boes16a2

    ek9 abs ecu

    No problem, and good to know, will post up a new WTB thread.
  7. Boes16a2

    Bavarian Bronze EK4

    Thanks for the kind comments, yes the corsas have indeed been painted gloss black with a blue pearl (did this a couple of months ago). the gold was too much Subaru :D. I really like them now, but still think they are to heavy ;) another update I forgot is I changed the brake pads from ferodo...
  8. Boes16a2

    Bavarian Bronze EK4

    let's update a bit here: following up on the above: I have bought a 96 spec B18C with low miles (said to be 90k but more likely 150k) lifted the head and inspected the bores, all looks to be good. Didn't want to leave it stock and got a good deal here on some cams. So I bought some Skunk2 Pro 1...
  9. Boes16a2

    WTB: "EK9" HOP wing baseplate

    I just bought a complete wing and sold it on with the replica base I had. You lucked out that you found one they rarely go split. :)
  10. Boes16a2

    ek9 abs ecu

    If OP is not interested, I am. I'm also looking for this ECU. Is there a difference between pre face and facelift?
  11. Boes16a2

    White 98 EK9 Type R breaking

    Do you have the ABS computer available for sale? and could you post this to the Netherlands?
  12. Boes16a2


    Parts shipped to the netherlands. Everything packaged nicely and shipping went perfect.
  13. Boes16a2

    Matt's K20 CW EK9

    great looking 9 you have (thought I'd check out your ride ;) ) your B parts are going to a good home, I hope I have more luck with my B series though.
  14. Boes16a2

    Paintballer´s white EK9 from Germany

    sitting pretty, see you at hondafest
  15. Boes16a2

    Bavarian Bronze EK4

    I think the works will stay, just love a polished lip Love how the engine bay looks. speaking of engine bay, I'm going to buy a B18C longblock with 90k to replace the B16 with 270k. At first I wanted to rebuild the B16, because I just love the high pitch scream, but the cost of a rebuild just...
  16. Boes16a2

    Honda Civic EK4 Sedan From Iceland

    very clean sedan, they always look awesome slammed on the deck. I imagine it must be a real pain in the ass keeping a Honda rust free in Iceland.
  17. Boes16a2

    Bavarian Bronze EK4

    a mate of mine is trying to persuade me to switch to the dark side. we fitted his rotas onto my car they are 16x8 ET35 slipstreams with a 215 tire. I think it looks really good and more modern (a black rim in this size would look even better I think). But I'm a bit hung up on the fact that...
  18. Boes16a2

    Bavarian Bronze EK4

    I think you're right in the fact that it sits to high, I think it should sit about a cm lower to be in line with the roof here is a another picture. It doesn't really bother me yet :p but I Think an oem base plate will happen in the future. on another note, the roll bar is now fitted...
  19. Boes16a2

    Bavarian Bronze EK4

    Lets update this thread a bit. I'm currently in the process of installing a Wiechers 4 point roll bar I only made a bit of a cock up, I thought that the connecting sleeves would drop into the main tubes but they slide over them, so these need to be painted. So this is how it currently stands...
  20. Boes16a2

    Lex's Ek9 k20 Race Base

    absolutely love the body kit and TEs not so fond of K swaps but I can understand why people swap the Bs out.