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  1. BeRTiNi

    *BWR "SIGNATURE SERIES" subframe brace*

    The EG/DC brace, fits in eg6 stock rear Stabilizer Sway bar?
  2. BeRTiNi

    Picture Request: EK9 C-West Bodykit

    Looking perfects
  3. BeRTiNi

    eternal blue 2000

    Great seller!
  4. BeRTiNi

    Blue DC5 Recaro Seats with DC2 rails. excellent condition

    do you ship to Spain? How much cost the shipment?
  5. BeRTiNi

    cusco/safety 21 8 point roll cage

    ek,right? I'm looking for one for Eg....
  6. BeRTiNi

    Evo 4 front seats - VVGC - £250

    do you ship to Spain? Total with shipment?
  7. BeRTiNi

    Carbon Canard for EK9

    Any for EG, mate?
  8. BeRTiNi

    DC2 Recaro Seat Rails

    120£ delivered to Spain????
  9. BeRTiNi

    New to honda!

  10. BeRTiNi

    EG 6 or 7 points RollCage

    thanks kieran, but look for a cusco or replica cusco used. UP! anyone?
  11. BeRTiNi

    EG 6 or 7 points RollCage

    bump! anyone please?
  12. BeRTiNi

    EG 6 or 7 points RollCage

  13. BeRTiNi

    EG 6 or 7 points RollCage

  14. BeRTiNi

    EG 6 or 7 points RollCage

    Hi! I am interested in buying rollcage for my eg. the brand does not matter, as long a cusco replica of 7 or 8 points. I'm from Spain, we must count the shipment. Thanks!
  15. BeRTiNi

    DC5 Blue Recaro's - SOLD

    Hi! Do you ship this seats without rails to spain? Send me MP with info please.
  16. BeRTiNi

    wheel question!!!

    yes, but in my country is not very common that there is an offer of Volk wheels.
  17. BeRTiNi

    wheel question!!!

    correct. the 949 wheel are cast wheels....same my Advan Rg! I'm decided, TE37 rules.
  18. BeRTiNi

    wheel question!!!

  19. BeRTiNi

    Brand New- Open ended steel wheel nuts.

    i'm interested. fit aftermarket wheels, true? Send you MP
  20. BeRTiNi

    wheel question!!!

    volk are forged, 949 are cast. But 949 is a very good wheel for price... i'm not decided.....