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  1. No_Fear

    Ek9 back box part number

    18030-S03-Z91 its discontinued
  2. No_Fear

    EK9 Pre-facelift Headlights Query

    thats why he is asking if the part # was written on the headlight ,i guess he found i used part to buy, as far as i know it was not written on the headlights only in the box.
  3. No_Fear

    Honda Civic ek9 seat material.

    this guy has it ,but its in japan.(its not the same its reproduction)
  4. No_Fear

    Ek9 kswap

    to be honest is the first time i've read that ek9 subframe is not good for kswap. To be sure lets see what people who have done it ,what will say.
  5. No_Fear

    Ek9 kswap

    as i know you dont have t replace the subframe , the ek9 one works just fine.
  6. No_Fear

    EK9 Airbag Recall 4646 - What's the Process?

    i thought the huge air bag recall did not effect ek9s since was after 2002.hmm.... thanks for the info will check later my chassic #
  7. No_Fear

    New US Ek9 owner

    not only japan ,also lot of parts now are out of stock and prices are sky rocket,Dear US friends dont buy honda cars are not good ,try german cars ,thanks :) nice car btw. (tell you friends not buy more)
  8. No_Fear

    First swiss EK9 (TypeRx) and modding story

    as far as i know its not special edition all EK9-120xxx are rx and the EK9-110 are r ,most ek9s i've seen in cyprus were Rx.its like a 3rd facelift for the ek9,same rules applies for dc2
  9. No_Fear


    thanks but looking for oem honda
  10. No_Fear

    JDM DC2 Integra Type R 98 Spec 4-1 Header Bracket (found)
  11. No_Fear

    Rear strut bar Install

    thanks to Klasse
  12. No_Fear

    Rear strut bar Install

    interesting about the template ,sending you a pm.
  13. No_Fear

    Mugen Airbox - filter and arm?

    yes filter only
  14. No_Fear

    Mugen Airbox - filter and arm?
  15. No_Fear

    Ek9 rx blue carbon centre console

    pics pls
  16. No_Fear

    EK9 OEM HOP Window visor fasteners (plastic rivets)
  17. No_Fear

    Honda Underside Colour

    thank you for the info!
  18. No_Fear

    Honda Underside Colour