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    Breaking big spec EM1 coupe,high comp b18c,Mfactory,Status,Bc, Sk2

    Any ITR/DC2 cams or something bigger available?
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    Ek9/DC2 cams

    Hi there. As in the title, I would buy set of cams from type r in a reasonable price. Offers by PM.
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    Ek9 breaking

    Looking for DC2/EK9 cams. Anything possible?
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    Integra Type R DC2 breaking (ukdm)

    Cams available? What price?
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    crashed itr`s and complete itr`s for breaking.

    Looking for DC2/EK9 cams. Anything possible?
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    WANTED RS Machines for B20VTEC

    Hi there, I'm looking for (very much!) 1 piston or a set of RS Machines pistons for B20VTEC, 84,5mm. If anybody has one or a set - please send me a PM as fast as possible - tommorow I will order a new set of... Thanks!
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    Mickek9 Rep Thread

    So if one guy sad to you "yes, I will buy this cams" one day before, and next day not responde for 9 hours - you are making a decission "ok, so he are not interested and I'm selling to another". THIS IS A FORUM, NOT A CHAT, TO SIT HEAR 24h/day! When I sad something - I do that. You are not this...
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    Mickek9 Rep Thread

    HUGE NEGATIVE! I wanted to buy a ITR cams. I've been talking with this seller for two days, and finally after quite fast and nice contact became an info after 9 hours, at the same day! I'm reading a message WHAT?? Yes, one mate from Spain bought them. But what next when I made a...
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    kwstascivic b20

    so with what cams did you do 241hp?
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    kwstascivic b20

    Last numbers where on the bump sticks too? Or something other?
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    VSM EK9 K20 Turbo Project

    I'm blind or what... :D Stock ECU or tuned? If untuned - this is a really good gain.
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    VSM EK9 K20 Turbo Project

    So how much whp on this type of dyno has a stock one?
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    VSM EK9 K20 Turbo Project

    So what are the results? Welds look beautiful but more immportant is a fact, that making a GOOD manifold is a hard work - that's not only 'yeah, that lenght looks good and suits to the oil pan"
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    Dc5 k20a cams in k20a2

    Sorry for heating up a Dino.. :) but I have very important question: does anybody know what is the difference between heights the A2 and A lobes? I've found a manual in .pdf for RSXs and there are heights of K20A2 lobes but can't find anywhere anything about K20A cams..
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    Matt's K20 CW EK9

    Why only 11,5 CR? This is only stock CR for B18C...'a little' too low for a strong naturally aspirated setup
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    Turbo MB6!

    Turbo sounds 'quite big'? With fat parts, making Hp an torque is not a problem. Problem is how long it will be holding that :D
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    My Dream... a nine

    So at this moment you don't have any dyno graph? I'm curious what does it shows :)
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    lewis turbo ek9

    so this is made on stock sleeves? Holy cow..
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    lewis turbo ek9

    could you give us exact setup? Looks great plus video needed :D
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    Justin's ek9 build up / rebuild

    Do you have spacers on the front axle? Fenders and wheels seems much wider then stock ones..