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  1. Joshm88

    Civic Coupe (EJ8/EM1) No Rust (Black preferred)

    Hello All, It's been a while since I was last on here so it's good to be back! I'm looking for a civic coupe EJ8, EM1 or similar (but pre-facelift EJ8 preferred) to replace my current EJ8 which is beginning to rust on the rear arches. Vehicle exterior and shell must be in GOOD...
  2. Joshm88

    FS: *Breaking* CW EK9 (prefacelift)

    Pre-facelift CW EK9 being broken. As far as I know this is the latest pre-facelift EK9 in the UK (see Dunx ek9 register thread). Condition is excellent, the only reason for breaking is due to change in personal circumstances. Car is based in Manchester, all parts are available, only the main...
  3. Joshm88

    EK9 engine loom + fuse box

    As title suggests, I'm in the market for a pre-facelift EK9 engine loom (dash loom not needed). Also after a jdm EK9 fuse box. What you guys got :)
  4. Joshm88

    Replica ARC winglets (edit)

    Payment sent via Paypal. Will pm you my address when I get chance tomorrow!
  5. Joshm88

    Replica ARC winglets (edit)

    1.ek9ctr 2.ijwhiteman (black) 3.J4M3R EK9 (black) 4. Mattyv (black) 5. Samuek9 (Black) 6. Mattharvey12 (Filled the gap) 7. pattys civic ek4 (white if possible?) 8. Seanek3 (black) 9. hathaway1 (Black) 10.Ihate_speedbumps (Black) 11. adamek9 (did it for you mate ^^) 12. Joshm88 (black - drilled...
  6. Joshm88

    J's Racing exhaust Group Buy

    Pm'd Pm'd
  7. Joshm88

    The 2 9's

    Great contrast between two stunning cars :nice:
  8. Joshm88

    J's Racing exhaust Group Buy

    Everyone who registered interest or put their name down should have received a pm from the vendor by now (they were sent 9/5/11). Apologies for the lateness, vendor was at a Japanese Car Show with his company and unable to pm. ANYONE EXPECTING A MESSAGE WHO HASN'T HEARD ANYTHING PLEASE LET...
  9. Joshm88


    Forgot to leave feedback, sorry dude! Sold me some EK door tweeters, well basically he gave me them free :D Absolute top guy, thanks again dude!
  10. Joshm88

    Little Game we can all play :D SPOT THE EK9 on street view in japan!

    Do I get chocolate as well? j's racing - Google Maps
  11. Joshm88

    Carbon Boot lid for DC2

    Any plans for a coupe carbon bootlid?
  12. Joshm88

    Seargant Japan rear lip diffuser

    Aye, but in all honesty these are unlikely to produce a noticeable difference, not without a full underbody diffuser, although agree it will likely reduce the parachuting effect. More than anything, with a product like this I am more interested in it for looks than function since on the road and...
  13. Joshm88

    very strange problem @ idle & no power.

    Sounds like a similar problem to what I experienced after swapping in my stroked b18c. I know you said you've checked iacv etc but I'll list a few things to check: Iacv Tps voltage Map sensor Vacuum leaks Wiring loom, may be shorting on the back of the block? Thermostat Air locks in the coolant...
  14. Joshm88

    Seargant Japan rear lip diffuser

    I can probably supply a spare rear coupe bumper if that's any use? Let me know mate.
  15. Joshm88

    head gasket questioning

    I'm sorry what?! I'm not getting into anything with you publicly mate, but don't go telling me to wind my neck in... This is hardly the place, and my above comment contained no sarcasm whatsoever. I'll pm you back when I get chance, but frankly all I know is when it was in my possession it was...
  16. Joshm88

    J's Racing exhaust Group Buy

    Last day.....
  17. Joshm88

    Recaro help.

    Try these guys Capital Seating and Vision > Seating, Vision and Accessories for Hardworking Environments
  18. Joshm88

    mugen twinloop?

    May have one for sale in the next 2 months if you're still looking mate
  19. Joshm88

    head gasket questioning

    Certainly was, never let me down, still not received a pm btw.....
  20. Joshm88

    abs on hub

    You don't need the brackets mate, they are just to help keep the ABS lines away from trailing arms etc. And the 37 pictured is to help keep the sensors clean and free from dirt, prolong life and reduce risk of dirt getting in there I guess, not necessary though! Zip ties are your friend...