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  1. Carl_ek9

    Data logging.

    Right so I'm trying to data log a p30 chipped ECU, data logging enabled. I bought a moates extreme hulog. My problem is in crome under the tuner comm tab, I don't have (pgmfi obd1) option. I cannot get crome to connect to the ECU. Freelog also won't connect either. Anyone ever have this problem?
  2. Carl_ek9

    someone suggested i talk to you about a basemap

    someone suggested i talk to you about a basemap
  3. Carl_ek9


    hope im in the right place here, im looking to sort a basemap for a b20v. hoping to talk to someone that knows what they are doing because christ knows i dont :dance: ive modified a p30 base map and would just like to share with someone to make sure everything is ok. ive bought a basemap from a...
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  9. My ek9

    My ek9

    Just my ek9
  10. Carl_ek9

    Hid auto leveling

    Anyone have any idea as to how to wire auto levelers to standard headlights? I've fitted d2s projectors and I'm just trying to make it fully legal if at all possible. Any help would be appreciated.