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  1. Smithy18

    EK9/4 Genuine Rear Trailing Arm Bushes

    Item for sale: Honda RTA bushes Price: £50.00 Reputation: Paypal: Location: Wiltshire Condition: New Description: Brand new genuine Honda rear trailing arm bushes. Fits Honda Civic ek9/4 Pictures:
  2. Smithy18

    Brand New Honda Civic EK Genuine RTA bushes

    Item for sale: Reputation: Price: £40 Paypal: Location: Wiltshire Condition: New Description: Genuine Honda RTA bushes for Honda Civic Ek (may fit others). £40 + £2.50 postage. Pictures: error uploading, can send...
  3. Smithy18

    EK / DC2 steering racks

    Morning all, I’m after dc2 & EK steering racks. What’s about? Cheers
  4. Smithy18

    Evo 8 Recaros with modified EK rails

    Item for sale: Evo 8 Recaros Reputation: Price: £300 ono Paypal: yes Location: Wiltshire Condition: used 7/10 Description: evo 8 Recaros, passenger seat is mint, driver seat has slight wear on bolster. The back plastic has a crack in it see...
  5. Smithy18

    Genuine RTA bushes & super pro ARB bushes

    Item for sale: genuine Honda RTA bushes p Reputation: Price: £50 + postage Paypal: yes Location: Wiltshire Condition: brand new Description: as above Pictures: Item for sale: super pro 15mm arb bushes Reputation...
  6. Smithy18

    EK9 power steering rack

    Can't seem to find a EK9 non PS steering rack so will settle for a good condition EK9 power steering rack. Let me know what you've got Thanks
  7. Smithy18

    B18C6 Clutch / Flywheel suggestions

    Hi I'm looking to replace the clutch and flywheel in my B18C6, the current clutch has started to slip and needs replacing. The B18 is in my EK civic, I'm currently race preparing it so it would only be a race / track car. Its 220hp n/a at the flywheel so were not talking crazy power but I will...
  8. Smithy18

    EK9 NON ABS Prop Valve

    Hi I'm after a non abs ek9 prop valve, anyone have anything laying around ? Thanks
  9. Smithy18


    Hi I'm looking for an EK9 steering rack without power steering. Must be in good condition ideally not from an EK9 that's been involved in a big front end smash. Thanks
  10. Smithy18

    EVO 8 Recaros

    Item for sale: Evo 8 Recaros Reputation: Price: £450 ONO Paypal: yes Location: Wiltshire - COLLECTION ONLY Condition: 8/10 good condition Description: A pair of evo8 Recaros comes with EK rails that I've modified to fit correctly. Good overall...
  11. Smithy18

    Ek9 rear anti roll bar

    Hi I'm after a rear ek9 anti roll bar with the bushes and securing brackets. Cheers
  12. Smithy18

    B18 EKK Bath

    Saw this EK9 today in bath. By fad the best example I've seen so far. I'm sure I recognise the plate from here ?
  13. Smithy18

    PCV Chamber B18c6 ITR

    I've been having trouble with an oil leak from the PCV chamber on the back of the block on my b18c6. The O ring that seals the chamber into the block had broken up. I've replaced the O ring ( genuine from Honda ) I used engine oil on the seal when refitting. A few track days later and its...
  14. Smithy18

    VTEC Challenge track day @ Castle Combe 7.2.15

    Onboard footage from my B18c6 EK4 at castle combe. Alot of fast cars and drivers at this track day. The entire day ran very smooth and is highly recommended. A steady first lap or 2 the tempature was very cold. Track tempatures were much lower than normal being this early in the year Had a...
  15. Smithy18

    Brake bleeding issue. Spongey pedal

    Alright lads, I'm having a nightmare bleeding the brakes on my EK. I'm running the following setup DC2 front calipers DC2 Master Cylinder Hel braided lines Ferodo Ds2500 pads Plain discs Endless Rf 650 fluid I stripped everything and I mean everything from the rear of my EK to address some...
  16. Smithy18

    DC2 /EK9 Master Cylinder

    I'm after a DC2 or EK9 master cylinder. Must be in good working order. Cheers
  17. Smithy18

    Ek4 / Ek9 rear compensator / toe arm

    Hi I'm after a compensator / toe arm that goes from the trailing arm to the chassis. Not fussed about the condition of the arm or bushes. Cash waiting. Thanks
  18. Smithy18

    Spring action day Castle Combe 26/4/14

    Alright lads Thought i'd stop by and share some footage from the spring action day at combe this weekend. Onboard with my B18C6 EK4 Enjoy. Smithy18
  19. Smithy18

    Castle Combe track day 30th August

    Hi, Here is my recent footage from castle combe on Friday 30th August. I'm in my EK4 VTI-s B18c6. A friend also came along in his black FN2 supercharged. It was a great day, the Hondas didn't miss a beat all day. Thought we would share with you guys. Shame about the rear view mirror :/...
  20. Smithy18

    S4C non LSD gearbox - 67k going cheap

    Item: S4C Non LSD Condition: 7/10 Location: Wiltshire Payment: cash on collection Price:£120 Hi, I have a S4c non LSD gearbox from my VTI sitting around. The gearbox has covered 67,000 miles. No cruches or whines. Looking for around £120 for the gearbox. Any questions please call or...