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  1. WilkoB16A

    Identify B-Series Gearbox

    Hi guys, I am struggling to find out what gearbox my B16A has. It's short ratio, however I have no gearbox sticker to identify what gearbox it is, is there an imprinted code anywhere on the gearbox like on the back or underneath maybe? Thanks,
  2. WilkoB16A

    B16A Mapping

    Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone knew around Manchester area or in the North-West who can map with Crome? I have a H-TUNE ECU and it is currently running Crome software. I am looking to boost soon and wanting to know if there are any local maps instead of driving risking my engine all...
  3. WilkoB16A

    EK9 Double-Din Center Console

    Hi, Does anyone have an EK9 double din center console for sale? Is there anything I need for this swap in regard to harnesses or swapping wires or extending wires? I have a 99' Facelift EK (Not sure if it makes a difference to the EK9 center console of not in terms of fitting) Thanks