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    billion are funnels x2

    should read 'air' funnells ;) im after 2 of these please... does anyone have anything..... thanks.
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    DC5 steering wheel and airbag

    Item for sale: DC5 steering wheel and airbag Condition:Very good condition. Comes with all the plastic cover clip things. Minimal wear from what i can see! Location: Kildare, Ireland Price: 100Euro?? excl p&p&p Reputation: *Weasel* Paypal: Pictures: will have...
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    EK9 b16b pistons

    Item for sale: Civic type-r pistons Condition:Very good condition. NOTE: in the picture below the con rods are not available...these have been sold seperately. Location: Kildare, Ireland Price: 80Euro?? excl p&p&p Reputation: *Weasel* Paypal: Pictures:
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    EK9 rods + pistons and CTR clocks

    Item for sale: Civic type-r conrods and pistons Condition:Very good condition. These were removed due to fitting a new forged combo. Location: Kildare, Ireland Price: 100Euro excl p&p&p Reputation: *Weasel* Paypal: Pictures: Item for sale: Civic type-r clocks...
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    cusco 1.5 way diff for k-series box

    item for sale: cusco 1.5 way differential for k-series gearbox price: 500euro excl p&p&p location: kildare, ireland condition: in excellent condition. Low mileage. 10/10 reputation: *weasel* description; k series cusco 1.5 way plated differential. i did plan on using this with a new gear...
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    RC 550cc injectors x4

    item for sale: RC 550CC injectors price: 220euro excl. p&p&p location: kildare, ireland condition: pretty much excellent Paypal: description: rc 550cc injectors for b-series. these have only 1 season of racing done on them plus a few mapping sessions on the dyno...
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    OBX individual throttle bodies

    Item for sale: OBX itb's price: 650 euro. no offers. Fitment: type-r heads only Condition: used but in excellent condition Location: Kildare, Ireland Paypal: (4% fees dont forget ;)) Description: OBX itb's. exactly the same as Toda's. The internals have been ported...
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    s80 4.7fd with s4c 4th+5th

    ive decided to go with a new gear setup for this season so my own gearbox my 98spec s80 with4.7 and s4c 4th and 5th is up for sale. I used this for 4 weekends of racing last season with 2 test days. All synchros were replaced at this time last year and brand new diff bearings installed. i will...
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    B-Series buddyclub adjustable cam gears

    Item for sale: Buddyclub adjustable cam gears Price: €80 excl p&p&p Condition: Used but in decent enough condition Location: Ireland-Dublin Paypal: Description:Adjustable cam gears for any b-series. Made by buddyclub. Reason for sale: new cam and cam gear combo...
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    Defi Black face range gauges x6 inc contol unit and digi display

    Item for sale: Defi Gauges Black face Price: €1000 excl p&p&p Condition: A1 Perfect working order Location: Ireland-Dublin Paypal: Description: Defi Black faced gauges for sale: Exhaust gas temperature Water temp Oil temp Oil Press Fuel press Boost Defi link...
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    S4C Gearboxes fully reconditioned

    Item for sale: 3x S4C LSD gearboxes Description: Each box has been fully reconditioned. All are as new. Location: Kildare, Ireland Price: 350Euro each excl delivery and paypal charges Paypal: Pictures: I dont have any at the moment but hopefully should be able to get some...
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    jenvey itb's + airbox etc

    afriend of mine is looking to buy a set of jenveys for a crx drag car. he has already got injectors so just needs the itb's themselves, the various accsesories and preferably an airbox to suit. if aanyone has anything please pm me. cheers!
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    B18C race engine

    Reputation: weasel Price: 3500 euro Paypal: bank transfer as the above amount exceeds paypals annual limit!! Location: kildare, Ireland Condition: 10/10 - complete build and map only 4 months ago Description: B18C type r engine. built and mapped by Martin Treacy in westward engineering...
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    K20 EK9 Race car for Breaking

    The car above is for breaking, due to a new business venture. The car is a proven winner and has had wins, pole positions, fastest laps and numerous other podium finishes in the (super touring field) Irish Touring Car Championship over the past 3 years. The shell is fully seam welded, with...
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    s80 (96spec) inc OSGiken 1.5diff

    Item for sale: s80 (96spec) gearbox with OSGiken 1.5way differential installed. Reputation: weasel Price: €600 excl delivery Paypal: yes, but bank transfer preffered Location: Ireland Condition: 9/10. Outer casing is dirty. But mechanically the box is perfect. Internals have been checked...
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    k20 lsd bolts

    im in need of the lsd to crown wheel bolts from a standard k20 lsd. They can be second hand but i'd prefer new ones. Unfortunately i dont know the part number....... They must be genuine honda bolts. I need these as soon as yesterday lol Kev
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    ENDLESS race discs (front only) grooved. 5x114, 300mm.

    Item for sale: Endless grooved Endurance race discs for DC5 Price: 200Euro not including delivery. Just to note: these cost over 700Euro new. Paypal: Bank transfer is preffered Description: Endless endurance race discs (grooved). These came from a DC5, but were running on an EG6 with...
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    edelbrock victorX, blox throttle body and b18c4 bottom end.

    Item1: edelbrock victorX intake manifold. Price: 250 euro excl delivery. Paypal: yes or bank transfer...whichever is handier! Description: possibly one of the best intakes u can get..... Condition: used for 2months. Other than that it's brand new! Reputation: weasel pictures: will put...
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    OSGiken Plated 1.5way differential

    Item for sale: OSGiken 1.5way lsd for b-series s4c or s80 Price: £450 postage is extra along with paypal fees Location: Kildare ireland Condition: 2nd hand but in PWO. Checked and driven before removal. Plates are as good as new. Description: Excellent diff. Good and strong and makes a fun...
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    ITCC Anglesey this weekend!

    So who's going?..... Wouldnt mind catching up with some of the EK9 members. ITCC has good racing so you wont be dissapointed There might be the odd thump and whack here and there as well lol! :nice: