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    Ej9 Roll Bar?

    Hi, I have 3 Ej9’s and only one has a front anti roll bar! They’re all preface too, can anyone shed some light as to why some do and some don’t? Regards, Dan.
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    EP3 steering wheel fit EJ9?

    Hi, I’ve been told that an ep3 steering wheel is a straight fit in to my ej9? Just wondered if anyone knew 100% if that’s true before I buy one? Cheers, Dan
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    Soon-to-be one colour

    Here’s my 96 EJ9, I’ve done a facelift conversion. It’s going in to be painted in the next few weeks, just repainted the wheels in Championship White and fitted new Toyos! Coilovers etc to come, if anyone is interested in following how I get on my instagram is @rocketingricer
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    New member (EJ9 build x2)

    Hi, just joined! My partner and I both have ej9’s mine I’ve converted to a facelift and my girlfriends I’m about to put a new front end on as it’s had a knock on the drivers side and all the lights and panels are out of line, I’ve got a donor car for all the bits and pieces I need and I have...