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  1. Ghettomonster

    Mid spoiler

    Hi all, Does anyone have a mid/boot spoiler for sale? Or know where i can get one? Cheers
  2. Ghettomonster

    Car went pop

    Hi all had a strange one with the civ today i had my car running for 30 mins because the battery hadnt been started in a few weeks. I just wanted to test to make sure i had power for my gauges so i just touched on the battery all is good. So i was tracing back red/black wires behind the dash...
  3. Ghettomonster

    Trailing arm

    Will eg4 trailing arms fit an ej9? I have ek4 vti brakes etc just need trailing arms for them.cheers.
  4. Ghettomonster

    Door latch!

    HELP! My drivers side door latch isnt latching at all the hook that hooks into the door jam is just moving freely. Yhe central locking works totally fine but i cant lock my drivers door now! Any ideas? It was fine when i opened the car this morning
  5. Ghettomonster

    Drop forks

    Ive just bought some shortened front drop forks off a civic eg will these fit a 97 ej9 (ek) ? Ive searched and searched but some people say they do and some say they dont i think civic eks 98> made a wider front for iirc. Anyone be kind enough to shed some light on this? And please tell me...
  6. Ghettomonster

    Quick question

    When relocating your battery to the boot will it need a thicker earth cable like the positive? Ive relocated it and used my standard earth. Jump starts no bother but when trying to start it normally it turns a few times thats it
  7. Ghettomonster

    PAS delete

    I just need to remove them fittings out of the rack and loop a hose between them to delete the pas dont i?
  8. Ghettomonster

    Custom door cards

    I m after making some custom door cards out of 0.8mm ally (carbon is silly price) but the only problem i seem to have is the rods that goto the handle is there anyway around this ? ... I want it to look something like this Obviously ill be tucking the wires but the rods that goto the handl...
  9. Ghettomonster

    Thread size for eyebolts

    Does anyone know the thread type and pitch for the bolts that anchor the belt to the chassis? Ive read up and people say 7/16 unf can someone confirm? As im not convinced as i cant imagine jap cars running UNF thread. Maybe m10x1 fine metroc pitch. Cheers
  10. Ghettomonster

    Helping out people on a budget

    Just thought i would let you guys know ill be making some DIY tilt brackets and i know i know its not everyone's cup of tea but me personally ive always like the look of them. So im in the process of making a pair. They will be a solid bracket non adjustable but i can make them to any degree (i...
  11. Ghettomonster

    Ek9 rep spoiler

    Do the reps come with the baseplate and spoiker? Or all one unit?
  12. Ghettomonster

    Plans for your car this weekend?

    Whats everyone doing to their cars this weekend? Im Thinking about sanding back the surface rust in the bay and get primer on
  13. Ghettomonster

    If you were to colour change

    Basically as it says in th title if you were to fully colour change your car what colour would you go for? Maybe some pics of examples? Ive always loved california blue (could only find this colour on a mk2 golf)
  14. Ghettomonster

    Fabric dye?

    Does fabric dye work well? I want to dye the blue on my seat black
  15. Ghettomonster

    Seat rails

    Is it possible to use standard seat rails on cobra seats? Obviously i know ill need to modify it just womdering if anyone has done it or something similar?
  16. Ghettomonster

    Need some motivation

    Need some motivation on my build sort of hit a brick wall with it at the minute and specially with these dark nights its gonna get worse. So come on get me motivated :please:
  17. Ghettomonster

    PAS delete anf A/C delete ej9

    Just wondering if someone knows how to or knows a guide on deleting pas and a/c out of a ej9. Just want the bay looking tidier Cheers Lee
  18. Ghettomonster

    Wing mirros

    I'm after replacing my electric mirrors and was just wondering what wing mirror types are out there or if other wing mirrors fit of a different Honda Cheers Lee
  19. Ghettomonster

    Bought a Jordan exhaust

    Hi all I’ve just bought a full stainless steel exhaust system with decat and backbox which came off a civic Jordan (ek3?) my question is is the decat in a different position to the ej9? And if so, is it just the case of removing the decat from the SS system and then fitting it Cheers Lee
  20. Ghettomonster

    Ej9 backyard build

    Hi all I’ll be using this sight mainly to keep on top of my little project. Good and bad comments welcome. My first jap car so forgive me if I get a few things wrong as I’ve always had vws Audi’s etc...These are the advert pictures not in a nice state at all the girlfriend thought I was going...