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  1. Dzero4

    PY facelift ek9 breaking

    are the floor mats still available? also: Rear lights intake plastics dash/double din thanks
  2. Dzero4 Sticker's for sale

    @B16Swt if you have no luck mate, if you can send me the file for the vinyl i can get some cut locally at my mates vinyl place, and for anyone else who wants some.
  3. Dzero4

    Wanted: Honda Civic Type R Show Plate (Black License Plate) / Mugen Front Strut Brace / Doorcard

    if anyone has a source on these plates, id be up for 2 aswell! sorry to crash ya post :D
  4. Dzero4


    woah, glad i found this thread! so cooooool! one day i'll make it to the homeland!
  5. Dzero4

    Hello from Japan

    @nao ようこそ、助けが必要な場合は何でも聞いてください。 また、日本でいくつかの部品を見つけるのを手伝ってもらえますか? 前もって感謝します
  6. Dzero4

    Wanted Facelift ek9 headlights

    If you still need, i can source you some.
  7. Dzero4

    Colour Code B16B Rocker Cover

    brand new still available :) Just got one myself from Japan not through tegiwa though as i know someone out there. for ease though >
  8. Dzero4

    WTB - EK9 Rx Blue Carbon centre console surround

    As above, looking for a Genuine Honda EK9 Type-Rx blue centre console surround in immaculate condition thanks
  9. Dzero4

    Anyone interested in having another meet?

    FYI all: We are meeting on Sunday 30th June at: Caffeine & Machine Banbury Road Ettington Warwickshire CV37 7NS Most of us are aiming to arrive for 9AM to ensure we are parked mostly together, All welcome :D
  10. Dzero4

    Anyone interested in having another meet?

    unrelated to this meet, a few of mine and Boyle's friends are meeting up at fairacres retail park abingdon, OX14 1TP, tomorrow evening, anyone's welcome to join.
  11. Dzero4

    Full OEM EK9 Exhaust System

    long shot, still got the back box?
  12. Dzero4

    OEM EK9 Back box

    as above, I am in need of a standard Honda EK9 back box ASAP. Thanks
  13. Dzero4

    WTB- EK9 Rx Power Folding mirror switch and loom

    As above, wanting to buy power folding mirror switch and the small loom. thanks
  14. Dzero4

    Steering wheel lock and other security

    Fuel pump fuse is a good temp option, i've used that on many of my cars.
  15. Dzero4

    Anyone interested in having another meet?

    Saturday is the quieter of the two from my past visits. if its a sunny sunday it can get crazy busy. I'll mention both those weekends when i'm there, see what they say/can do for us.
  16. Dzero4

    Anyone interested in having another meet?

    I know Rippu didnt manage to ask them about how theyd like us to organise it with them, so i will ask them on sunday when i return and feedback here, any preferred dates in May? And yeah, their main motto at C&M is ''Dont be a dick" follow that and you can go as much as you like.
  17. Dzero4

    Anyone interested in having another meet?

    What time you gonna be there bud? Im going up tmoro be there around 245pm.
  18. Dzero4

    Anyone interested in having another meet?

    Pretty chilled out there can get busy if its a weekend with an event on, but definately not your usual chav meet up spot/old mimms. Very much proper petrolheads who show up, has some old lady who owned jordan #228 since new come and have a chat with me on monday taking a keen interest in the 9...
  19. Dzero4

    Anyone interested in having another meet?

    fosse way is rather nice ;) takes you straight to C&M