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  1. Civicfacelift

    Dc2 steering wheel eg6 fitment?

    Can anyone confirm that a late spec dc2 srs steering wheel will fit directly onto an non airbag equipped eg6, and if so is there issues with the srs light coming on. Is it easier to install a 96 spec dc2 steering wheel? Thanks
  2. Civicfacelift

    locknut removal help !

    Hi lads. Lost the key to my locknut, I've looked it up online, where they hammer a socket on over the nut, but will this work on this type of locknut ? any suggestions appreciated , need to replace my brake discs.
  3. Civicfacelift

    Mugen/standard B pipe

    looking for either a mugen b pipe or standard b pipe for a eg6 :please:
  4. Civicfacelift

    where to buy mugen exhaust

    anyone know where i could buy a mugen twinloop for my eg6 ? need the whole lot bar axleback ... would also swap my skunk exhaust if some one on here wants to swap,
  5. Civicfacelift

    New R81 EG6

    purchased this minter last weekend :dance: she's 99% rust free and has a nice spec also , over the moon with it, nice step up from my ej9 :P SPEC: B18 inlet manifold with inside bored out with skunk throttle body and k20 fuel rail and injectors all done by Keith McMullen. Type r head skimmed...
  6. Civicfacelift

    B16b head on b16a ?

    Is their much gains from putting a type r head on a b16a block ? and would you lose some reliability ?
  7. Civicfacelift

    ej9 update , Respray

    got these silver alloys refurbished and also fitted ek9 springs and shocks, jap plates, genuine ek9 front and rear lips , sir grill and a full service :) . refurbished and the best for last OPINIONS???
  8. Civicfacelift

    EK9 vtec crossover

    can't seem to upload to my photobucket . only managed to get it on my youtube. As you can see my numberplate blocking skills are awful!:lol: Guess the exhaust system ! :D dont forget to change the quality !! :drive:
  9. Civicfacelift

    Good Alarm System????

    ok ,Could someone advise me on a good alarm system for my ej9 please , thanks
  10. Civicfacelift

    Good rubber for ej9

    want something above average , mostly wet road conditions, prices up as far as 85euro. previously had bridgestone turanza er300, anything better?
  11. Civicfacelift

    vsm ej9 update

    gradually been changing the look of her from this to this and i also just got these refurbished, just waiting on rubber and jap plates to come now. to much better than rota colour! then a spoon n1 :drive:
  12. Civicfacelift

    ej9 brake upgrade

    Would this piece of kit fit straight onto my ej9 and work accordingly? my ej9 is 00 non abs. JDM Integra Dc2 96-97 Spec Type R 4 Lug Complete Conversion 4x114.3.
  13. Civicfacelift

    Hesitating under acceleration

    My car seems to be hesitating/jerking around 2500 to 3000 rpm under half throttle, any ideas what is wrong? Also anyone have a rough price on getting a clutch release bearing changed. thanks
  14. Civicfacelift

    Good first car!

    immaculate looking civic here for a daily or first car, 21'000 miles. Honda Civic 1.4 Litre Petrol For Sale in Dublin : €2,250 -
  15. Civicfacelift

    noise when clutch is released?

    my friends ep1 makes a weird hissing kind of noise in neutral but as soon as he presses down clutch it goes away , when he accelerates in gear it comes back again . any ideas what the problem is ? clutch release bearing maybe ?
  16. Civicfacelift

    centre caps and stickers for these alloys??

    Could someone please point me in the right direction , Im looking for rays stickers for these and centre caps, thanks. :thanks:
  17. Civicfacelift

    ej9 stock exhaust diameter?

    What is the stock diameter of an ej9 exhaust? I am thinking of buying one of these>>> OBX Universal Mugen Twin Loop Exhaust Muffler Honda CIVIC Accord Prelude CRX FIT | eBay good or bad idea? il need to weld it on .. thanks
  18. Civicfacelift

    Ek9 Rear lip and shocks?

    looking for a genuine ek9 rear lip. Also looking for ek9 shocks. thanks
  19. Civicfacelift

    ek9 shocks wanted

    As stated looking for ek9 shocks , and what price would they be around?
  20. Civicfacelift

    do i need anything else beside's srings

    hi lads , Im thinking of buying eibach pro kit springs for my ej9 and lowering it about 25mm. would i need to upgrade any other suspension components at the same time? or is the stock dampers and shocks ok? thanks