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  1. b16 mini

    Team dynamics pro race 1.2 new in boxes unused

    Item for sale, team dynamics pro race 1.2 15x7 et 45, fit ek9 dc2 Condition, New Reputation. b16 mini Location, Cornwall uk. Description, brand new in boxes 15x7 direct fit, correct centre bore size (spigot rings not needed) These have never had tyres fitted and have only been out of the boxes...
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    W146 uaf cw ek9 hayle cornwall

    spotted this this evening. Anyone on here?
  3. b16 mini

    Merry Christmas, post your car related presents

    Merry Christmas to all, Did anyone buy a present for their car or get given anything for it?
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    Red recaros with rails, spoon gen 1

    Item for sale: Ek9 red recaros, oem passenger rail and driver side spoon gen 1 low seat rail Price:£450 Ono Reputation: Paypal:yes Location: Cornwall, TR27 - collection preferred, I can pallet/package them for collection by...
  5. b16 mini

    Rota slipstreams 15x7 5x114

    looking for a pair of 15" slipstreams if any one has any Cheers
  6. b16 mini

    AD08r vs NS2r real comparisons?

    Hi everyone, I'm going to need to buy some tyres soon and had planned to go for AD08r's, However the ns2r's seem appealing, come in a choice of compound, and are a little cheaper, Has anyone used both that can give any real comparisons? For example, wet grip? dry grip? warm up time? how...
  7. b16 mini

    Socketing p28 for s300

    I'm looking for a bit of feedback, I've got a s300 v2 and a stock p28 ecu that needs socketing to fit the s300. I thought about doing it myself but can't find a kit, and it looks a bit of a fiddle, I'm wondering who's best to do the job for me? H tune? Or someone else?
  8. b16 mini

    Another oil cooler question

    What size fittings and hoses are people using? Seems a few kits come with an8 (1/2" internal diameter hose iirc??) Others are an10 which is 9/16 hose I think, Others have bsp ends, Does anyone have any insight as to what size would be best suited? Cheers
  9. b16 mini

    Laminova oil coolers, anyone got experience?

    I've removed the factory heat exchanger from the back of my block with the intention of using a oil radiator, However i decided to look in to other options and came across the laminova heat exchangers, It interests me as it can help bring the oil up to temp quicker in colder conditions and...
  10. b16 mini

    Reviews on tegiwa silicone hoses?

    Anyone running tegiwa hoses? I've heard of people having issues with the fitment of the older hose kits but are the newer kits (2 hoses) alright? My original hoses are not in great shape, and the likes of samco are Big money, Tegiwa hoses seem a good option if they're OK Any thoughts or...
  11. b16 mini

    * Show plates for sale*

    Posting on behalf of @B16Swt who has taken the time to make up these cool show plates, The asking price includes a donation to charity which I think is a great idea. Item for show plates Reputation: Price:£18.72 Paypal: Yes Location:Swindon Wiltshire Condition:New Description: if...
  12. b16 mini

    Steering wheel material

    Looking at having a new steering wheel for Xmas, but I'm undecided on what to get, so hoping some people can share their experiences I'd thought about a suade wheel but I'm concerned about weather the suade will last, Then I thought a leather wheel would be better but I'm not sure about the...
  13. b16 mini

    Live feed for gauges

    i'm planning to wire my gauges in soon, but I want the gauges to stay on whilst cranking(starting) I know a lot of people just hook up to the stereo feed but as far as I remember the stereo feed is not live when cranking, Has anyone got any suggestions to save me some time testing things or...
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    Honda parts facebook

    has anyone else tried joining this group recently? I've requested to join it several times but the request must be being rejected as it keeps disappearing. Anyone else had similar?
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    Wtb cobra Suzuka seat

    long shot I know, but I'm looking for a cobra Suzuka pro seat. Like this
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    Attention all for sale forum users, *please read

    Due to some recent events that have been brought to my attention by several members I think it's necessary to remind everyone of a forum rule that applies to EVERYONE Taken from the for sale section rules: ALL Sellers (This includes Donators and Vendors) 1. The For Sale section is provided...
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    Cw Ek9 towed by aa truck North York mores near fylindales

    Seen what looked like a ek9 being towed by the AA, Anyone on here
  18. b16 mini

    H11 vcw cw ek9 near Bristol m5

    Anyone on here, seen you in convoy with 2 ep3's Biggest bgw ever on the back!
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    Hel hoses, incorrect flare? Opinions please

    I've got some hel hoses for my ek9, I was about to fit them and noticed they have a concave flare where they meet the hard pipe, where as the oem hose is convex, This means it's going to be two concave flares clamping against each other, Personally I think this is wrong and my first thoughts...
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    Track day booking sites, recommendations

    Been looking at up coming track days (well probably April/may time) I've googled it but keep coming up with the same sites, Thought I would ask here to see who people book through, who are recommended etc etc One that keeps coming up is track and also msv, but there must be more...