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  1. Civicfacelift

    Civic EE9 / EF Restoration Project

    Two builds at once must be tough ! I'm planning to remove the underseal on my car also.. been putting it off for too long. Did you use a grinder with wire brush? I hope to get my underbody down to bare metal, treat any bits of rust, use zinc primer also and then paint it original red colour...
  2. Civicfacelift

    98 spec Integra Type R

    Very fresh DC2. I think this car was up at Japfest Mondello 2/3 years ago? I remember a very clean Dc2 and it was a Galway reg. It was for sale at the time aswell and had very little kms done.
  3. Civicfacelift

    New R81 EG6

    Update I found the oil level to be down for the first time ever last weekend. Normally level doesn't drop between services. I found it was leaking underneath between gearbox and engine. I removed the gearbox and changed the crankshaft seal, so that should sort it. While i had the gearbox...
  4. Civicfacelift

    Ej9 backyard build

    Love the choice of colour for boot !
  5. Civicfacelift

    New R81 EG6

  6. Civicfacelift

    New R81 EG6

  7. Civicfacelift

    New R81 EG6

    Some few picture of parts I have added over the last few months
  8. Civicfacelift

    Integra Type Rs **BREAKING FOR PARTS**

    Hi have you 262mm rear callipers and carriers ?
  9. Civicfacelift

    Breaking big spec b18c6 ek4

    Hi , do you have 262mm rear callipers and carriers?
  10. Civicfacelift

    New R81 EG6

    About time I update this! over the past 4-5 years I've added the following parts Engine/transmission: tegiwa dress up bolts carbon bonnet dampers b18 inlet manifold bored out skunk throttle body k20 fuel rail and injectors type r head skimmed,ported,polished and valves reseated new honda rings...
  11. Civicfacelift

    Rusty arches

    Any pictures of the extent of the rust ?
  12. Civicfacelift

    Black RX project

    Has to be one of the cleanest. credit to ya!
  13. Civicfacelift

    NH-592P EK9 Facelift Late 1999 - Cyprus - 13.500

    Lovely car man. GLWS
  14. Civicfacelift

    Turfy's 2000 Ek9 Type Rx Fresh Import :) Spoon Bonnet - SR4 Tomcats

    lovely car man, any pics of the mf10s fitted?
  15. Civicfacelift


    nice work on the eg9 .. and the dc2 :blabla: love them!
  16. Civicfacelift

    Few pictures of my ek9 k20 build.

    very nice , just one small thing annoying me is the side skirt on drivers side looks like its pushed too far forward!
  17. Civicfacelift

    Facelift bumper Duct

    Tegiwa do them , could not say how good or bad fitment is though.
  18. Civicfacelift

    Car is smoking but no leaks!?

    what colour smoke?
  19. Civicfacelift

    Ek4 siR

    looks like a nice base man, just not a fan of those wheels.