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  1. murrayc1991

    Where can I find this belt?

    Hey folks.. So my EG6 SiR-S folder mirror stopped working, I've just taken it apart and turns out a very small belt has snapped. The numbers on the belt are "S3M117, MBL 100, 12k 21248 202" I will try the obvious being honda dealership during the week, if they do not have them where else could...
  2. murrayc1991

    My EG6 SiR-S b18cR

    Hey folks.. Here is my JDM EG6 SiR-S with B18cR. Some of you may recognise this EG6 SiR-S, I have owned her for almost a year or there abouts. These pictures are a couple months old as it now has oem fog lights, oem front lip and swapped the red DC2 recaro seats for a black set. Will eventually...
  3. murrayc1991

    Eg6 interior light

    Hey folks I know this is a long shot and such a silly small part but I'm looking for the interior light lens/cover from the light above the seats not the one between sun visors. Has to be from a JDM EG6 SiR/2/S as they are shorter.. I tried to fit a lens from a uk "dx" EG but it was too long...
  4. murrayc1991

    Best aftermarket radiator?

    Hey folks.. I'm looking to upgrade my radiator, looking for opinions in which is best to buy? The radiator is for a b18c engine in a civic eg6. Currently it has the standard civic half sized, wanting to upgrade to a duel core half sized. Looking to spend no more than 300, what's the best...
  5. murrayc1991

    WTB: Civic Eg Carbon Bonnet

    Just as the title says... anyone have a carbon bonnet for an EG?? or link to places to sell them Thanks
  6. murrayc1991

    WTB: EG Tailights

    Looking to buy the 50/50 style taillights for a civic eg (half red half clear) Don't want any eBay replicas Thanks
  7. murrayc1991

    Eg6 SiR-S paint code

    Hey folks.. I own a Milano red eg6 SiR-S, I know the code is R81, but struggling to find out which shade of r81.. Does anyone have any information?? I work in a bodyshop, the painters used their machine to take pictures and put it into the database.. It came up with so many different...
  8. murrayc1991


    Hi Im looking for a single Rota Circuit 10 alloy, they have been discontinued by Rota and all wheel compaies Ive contacted have none in the size I need. Looking for: 15inch 4x100 6.5" et45 Preferably in Bronze colour but any colour will do if you have the right size. Any help or if you...
  9. murrayc1991

    d14a1-a4 question

    Hey folks I have a ej9 with d14a4 engine, its smoking a fair bit andwe suspect it to be the steam seals. We have a d14a1 sitting at garage doing nothing which came out of a civic ef.. Does anyone know if the head from the a1 will fit onto my a4? Any info will be appreciated, cheers :nice:
  10. murrayc1991


    Hey.. Im looking to upgrade to either a EG6 or EK4 in next few months, if you have either for sale let me know! :nice:
  11. murrayc1991

    EG Forum??

    Hey folks.. Quick question.. Is there a UK Civic EG forum? I know civiclife, jdmyo etc.. but one purely for EG's? Cheers in advance! :nice:
  12. murrayc1991

    Abandoned Honda's & Toyota's =(

    Seen this on facebook, thought I'd share.. Tegs, EG, AE86'S.. Such a shame!
  13. murrayc1991

    Storm chasing + Low civic = Bad!

    So.... Just had a bit of a thunder storm and thought I would go up the backroads just outside my town to catch a better view.. all was good until I noticed this... Anybody ever had the same?? :(
  14. murrayc1991

    H22A Exhaust Manifold

    Hey folks.. Im after a Exhaust manifold for a h22a engine in a EG civic.. any for sale? :thanks:
  15. murrayc1991

    Rota Circuit

    Hi im looking for a single 15" Rota Circuit 10 alloy, preferable if its bronze but any will do.. :thanks:
  16. murrayc1991

    Jordan and White EP, Edinburgh

    Hey folks..went a run upto Edinburgh yesterday and spotted a nice Jordan with sticker on window while I was walking along North bridge down to princess street.. Also had a little play on the A1 dual carriageway near Musselburgh with a white EP, dont believe it was a JDM type r as it...
  17. murrayc1991

    Civic coupe sound..

    Hey folks, had a wee shot in my mates coupe... Always thought it sounded awesome so wanted to let him hear it from the outside haha... Enjoy! :nice: Jamie's Civic coupe sound - YouTube
  18. murrayc1991

    Original Owner Honors His Original Honda CRX

    Seen this on H-tune's facebook page... Pretty cool video.. Enjoy! :nice: Original Owner Honors His Original Honda CRX - YouTube
  19. murrayc1991

    Civic eg forum?

    Hi.. Im looking into moving onto a eg6 from my ej9 this year hopefully... Ive had a google search but cant seem to find any uk based forums for the EG.. anybody have any good sites?? Thanks :nice:
  20. murrayc1991

    SIR Front lip

    Hey folks.. After a sir front lip for my prefacelift ek.. looked everywhere, anybody know a secret place that may have them or replica's?? cheers! :))