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    Hey guys so I am new to this forum and would like to share a little on my build that I am currently playing with

    I love this kind of projects, thanks for sharing. :bow:
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    Hello from Japan

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    Honda One Make Series: Original content.

    Nice video!!
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    Hi from Dublin

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    Freaky Parts contact??

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    EG / EF / EK / EP - PARTS FROM JAPAN: Genuine aftermarket NEW goods.

    Best of the luck my friend :)
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    Hello from Osaka

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    CSCC Snetterton 300.

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    The hello

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    My civic, Kasumi

    Looking good.
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    Power steering belt?

    This one should fit 56992-P72-004
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    Traveling to London in May

    I'll let you know, thank you! :)
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    Civic 98 A/C bezel conversion to 99A/C bezel

    You'll need more parts.
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    Exhaust manifold

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    My EK coupe build up

    Love the carbon fiber roof :) Great build, thanks for sharing. :)
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    Traveling to London in May

    Right now I'm looking for hotel in the Paddington area, sorry for my ignorance but I don't know if this area is central london :( Looking on getting tickets for the Chelsea flower show also :) I'm going to create a thread soon asking if there is anyone available for a quick small meet in...