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  1. Yasir@G786

    Crome Gold Dyno Tune Session

    Hello everyone, If any of you guys and girls need professional tuning, thats proven itself year after year. Look no further! I was the first person in the UK to tune Hondata S300 and Crome. My experience speaks for itself. I pay attention to all areas of the map unlike alot of other tunes ive...
  2. Yasir@G786

    My first track experience

    Had a really good time doing this, even though had a ignition break up issue due to a coil pack. Definitely opened my eyes and showed me what I need to do next. The miss fire has now been sorted. Just need LSD, camber & castor set front and back, some good discs and pads. Mount the camera in a...
  3. Yasir@G786

    Built B16a block ready for turbo power

    Item for Sale: Built B16a block Price: £1400 Location: Leicester Reputation: Yasir@G786 Paypal: Condition: Freshly built never been used. Description: B16a block honed and bored Hot tanked All oil ways shot through CP 81.5mm flat top pistons Eagle h-beam rods ARP...
  4. Yasir@G786

    Race Parts Clear Out

    Item for sale: EK9 B16B complete block Price: £400 Location: Leicester Condition: Got this from a member of, done 66,000miles. Perfect working order. Description: You will be getting complete block without headgasket, timing belt, cover and crank pulley. Pictures: Item for sale...
  5. Yasir@G786

    Integra DC5 in Black

    Car for Sale: Honda Integra DC5 Type-R Mileage: 74,000miles (could be alot less) Condition: One of the cleanest DC5's ive seen myself. Can't fault the car at all. Tax till end of May & MOT expires 28th June. Car has been recently serviced and checked over. The car has been looked after...
  6. Yasir@G786

    ATI race crank pulley - b-series

    Item for Sale: ATI race crank pulley for b-series Price: £250 Location: Leicester Condition: Perfect condition Description: This is a brand new 7" ATI Super Damper "Race" Series Crank Pulley for Honda/Acura B-Series Engines. ATI’s 7” and 6.325” race versions are built with all-out...
  7. Yasir@G786

    CC stage 5 clutch kit & flywheel for B-series

    Item for Sale: CC stage 5 clutch kit & flywheel for B-series Price: £300 Location: Leicester Condition: This was used in a 630hp civic with no problems at all, the car was stripped after not even doing 500miles. Description: Sprung centre plate so not to aggressive and flywheel weighs 8lbs...
  8. Yasir@G786

    B-series 3" intake pipe with velocity stack

    Item for Sale: B-series 3" intake pipe with velocity stack Price: £140 Location: Leicester Condition: 10/10 Description: This intake setup is the best ive used for an all motor B. Ive not used it in a while, the plan was to just hold on to it. Pictures:
  9. Yasir@G786

    EP3 DC-Sports complete exhaust system

    Item for sale: EP3 DC-Sports complete exhaust system Price: £500 (Cost just over £1000 new from CPL, have the invoice) Location: Leicester Condition: Perfect working order, apart from light dent on centre pipe. Description: Definitely a worth while modification, proven 15hp...
  10. Yasir@G786

    B-Rod Racing Civic..nearly got the 8!

    For those of you that dont know I was away in the states for a month helping my friend Omar@Area51 and learning new things. We took this car to the track, done 9.1@167 2nd pass. 3rd pass the driver sadly miss shifted 3rd to 2nd. If he done the whole run it would've been a 8.8 pass easy. Check...
  11. Yasir@G786

    B20Z block + 12.5 comp + Eagle rods

    Item for Sale: B20Z block, JE 12.5comp 84mm pistons and B20 eagle rods Price: £800 Location: Leicester Condition: Everything is new Description: Block has been honed to spec, decked and hot tanked ready to be built. Pictures:
  12. Yasir@G786

    G786 S2000 stage 1 turbo setup

    Heres a nice street car we recently done for a customer. 390hp wastegate pressure, on pump fuel. We done this job in just 5days, while also working on other cars :)
  13. Yasir@G786

    B-series 700hp turbo setup

    Item for Sale: B-series 700hp turbo package Price: £8500 Location: Leicester Condition Everything is in good working order. The motor is a fresh build, the turbo hasn't even done 500miles. Description: B18a1 block deburred and flossed edges Darton spun iron ductile sleeves 85mm bore Line...
  14. Yasir@G786

    Super clean EG6 SIR2

    Car for sale: EG6 SIR2 Mileage: 143,219KMS Condition: Full service history from Japan Will come with 12months MOT and 6months TAX. Car has always been kept garaged in the UK by current owner and previous owner. Ive had the car on the ramp myself, and can easily say its the...
  15. Yasir@G786

    G786 Street EG B16 turbo 10.9@128mph

    G786 Street Civic EG B16 turbo 10.9@128mph - YouTube
  16. Yasir@G786

    Civic EK B16 GT42R stock sleeves

    We put this car together in a week. Running wastegate pressure at 16psi making 384hp. Ran 11.7 @ 120mph at Fastshow. We had an air leak which held us back abit, and we also have alot more things to do to the car like hooking up boost control and fitting a bigger intake. My personal car had...
  17. Yasir@G786

    Civic EG6 SIR Turbo

    Car for sale: Civic EG6 SIR Mileage: Car 60k & engine 2k Condition: This shell is just about coming unto 60,000miles, I got this car with the intention of never selling it. But I now fancy doing a different project. Currently running a solid 400bhp reliably on v-power fuel. Proven...
  18. Yasir@G786

    Garage 786- 9.9 @ 153mph

    Garage 786 9.9 @ 153mph - YouTube
  19. Yasir@G786

    G786 EG6 SIR B16a turbo 12.4@120

    Managed a better time in my street car, on old toyo t1r's 195/50 :) G786 Santa Pod 29/1/12 rwyb - YouTube
  20. Yasir@G786

    Complete Crome Pro Tuning Package

    This is for those of you looking for a complete tuning package that wont hurt the bank. This deal is for you EK9/4 owners, you will be getting the following: -Crome Pro socketed OBD1 ecu -Converter harness -Complete Crome Pro dyno tune -Followed by check up on the road with owner -You will be...