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  1. ek9malta

    ek9 suspension

    hi what can i do more to my ek9 for more better holding ? its already has coilovers and front camber arms
  2. ek9malta

    b series turbo kit

    Any one ?
  3. ek9malta

    WTB : B series fuel things

    im searching for a b series injectors (not oem) aem fuel rail and pressure regulator and shipping to uk :p
  4. ek9malta

    b series turbo kit

    any turbo kit for sale pls imp for type R head
  5. ek9malta

    WANTED:S80 4.7

    wanted s80 4.7 for my ek9 plus shipping to uk mainland pls
  6. ek9malta

    Nicole's turbo black ek9

    nicee great job :)
  7. ek9malta

    Ktuned Shifter fot b-series

    hey guys what you think about ktuned shifter for my ek9?
  8. ek9malta

    Want your photo on the Facebook Page?

    From Malta :D
  9. ek9malta

    interior prices plss

    hi i have some interior parts of an ek9 Big RED carpet ek9 civic type r red carpets 5pc and ek9 door cards with switches and plastic ad grills all in great condition what prices i can get Regards EK9TURBO
  10. ek9malta

    Dark Amethyst Pearl EK hatch build (a rolling collection)

    nice car! sick build so nice keep up the good work ;)
  11. ek9malta

    EJ6-EK4-EK9 replica transformation(Retired)

    wow nice mate! how did you spray words on tire pls?
  12. ek9malta @ JapFest 2

    Nice ek's there! wish someday come visit you :)
  13. ek9malta

    Mattyssb's black caged ITB'd K24 EK9

    wow epic build!!
  14. ek9malta

    StevieG's K20 Integra DC2

    wow nice long build! nice swap! and that rollcage incredible! nice car overall! keep up the good work :)
  15. ek9malta

    My ek9

    looks clean nice ek9 mate :)
  16. ek9malta

    Higmeisters K20 DC2

    wow nice build mate keep up the good work :)
  17. ek9malta

    From Nagoya waiting it to arrive

    tegiwa stickers are like oem ! nice ek9 mate!
  18. ek9malta

    MY Glass roof CRX siR, clean, mint, very low mileage (Skunk2 high comp B18C)

    woow nice crx mate :) as they say old is GOLD!
  19. ek9malta

    VSM EK9 K20 Turbo Project

    wow mate nice build! nice welding too ! keep it up
  20. ek9malta

    performance parts info

    Hi im interested to buy some parts for a dc2 do you have any sites pls ? thanks Regards ek9turbo