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  1. britishracer

    Back after 10 years

    Hi guys! It’s been a while since I came on this forum. Originally I joined in 2006-7 when I had a DC2 Rx NHO and a GF-EK9 NHO, E-EK4 Ferio in Japan. Since 2011 I has sold both all the Hondas and moved on to other JDMs such as GC8, SXE10, SE3P, ST205, JZA70, CN9A, CP9A (V), CT9W, BNR32, BNR34...
  2. britishracer

    Driving Japan's touge roads project

    Hi members, As promised for sometime I shall now present my exclusive driving videos in Japan's mountain roads for all Honda EK9 fans. I have had my EK9 for about 10 months now. I recently got a HD camcorder and will start taking videos of my regular driving in Hakone region. I hope to...
  3. britishracer

    Britishracer's Japanese Touge Drive

    Hi everyone! After numerous requests from friends both inside and outside Japan to take videos driving on Japanese mountain passes seriously, I finally got myself a decent camera mount from Herbert Richter. They make one of the best car accessories around with German quality. Its a suction...
  4. britishracer

    Auto Racing scene in JAPAN!! You asked for it!!

    OK, after numerous requests by everyone. I am ready to divulge on some of the activities that I have been up to in Japan and events that I visited. Since I have been in here for about 4 years now I have done several car related activities and been to a few events. As an introduction, I will...
  5. britishracer

    Double TYPE R now! DC2 and EK9

    Hello folks! I am back after a loooong absence. Mostly due to my work schedule. I've been so busy that I hardly have the motivation to freely surf the forums or even the net. However my PC got a virus and finally got it fixed. I have finally achieved my dream! Yesterday, I took possession...
  6. britishracer

    Visit to Seeker- New upstart Honda tuner

    Hi everyone! Time for more updates from the world of JDM. I paid a visit to Seeker garage last month. I used to go there often when I stayed in Tokyo and became good friends with Ryo Teraoka the owner. Seeker was relatively unknown a few years ago, but those in the know of the JDM Honda...
  7. britishracer

    Visit to Spoon garage: TYPE ONE!!!

    Hey people! Time to bring you some updates in the world of JDM tuning. Yesterday I visited TYPE ONE in Tokyo to get more oil filters and to get the good old mechs to have a look at my car...I think my suspension bushes have nearly reached their limit. :wow: Obviously the FD2 R was present...
  8. britishracer

    Potenza RE11 review

    Good morning good people of!! It gives me great pleasure to announce that I've just received my new tyres, namely the latest Bridgestone Potenza RE11. As a matter of fact, they turned up at my doorstep just 15 mins ago. I shall be promptly be rushing down to the tyre shop to get it...
  9. britishracer

    GT4 players??

    This may be a little daft to but since we are all car enthusiasts many of you must play Gran Turismo. With GT5 still a long way and prologue has a disappointing number of Hondas, I still religiously grind GT4 at least 3 times a week. Basically I don't do any races. I have just about every...
  10. britishracer

    Fujitsubo RM-O1A on DC2 installed!!

    I just got a RM-01A installed in the DC2. I can say that its very loud without the silencer on. At driving speeds around 3000rpm its boomy if you give it just a little throttle. I noticed immediately that the engine revs smoother and response is almost instantaneous. As the specs suggest...
  11. britishracer

    Spoon ECU scan

    Hi everyone Here is a scan of the Spoon ECU data which includes rev limit and VTEC change over point. NOTE: these are for the current genaration ECUs as of 2006
  12. britishracer

    Hi from Japan.

    Good day chaps, and ladies! I was browsing the web and saw this forum dedicated to the CTR EK9. I don't own an EK9 but have always wanted one. Somehow when I moved to Japan I decided to buy a DC2 instead. Been here for 3 years and loving it. Got the '99 spec DC2 Rx in 2005 and its still...