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  1. titanvirs

    Does a B Series Air intake fit a D Series

    trying to get a Aem V2 Long arm for my D15B but im only seeing ones for b16 etc will it fit a D15B ? its SOHC Vtec 130BHP so it has a big enough Throttle body Thanks
  2. titanvirs

    Civic Ferio Vi-Rs New one or Respray ?

    Hi guys im new to this site and im a owner of a Civic Ferio Vi-Rs and it was imported from japan and im trying everywhere to get a white one but having no luck so thinking of respraying but i heard if i got it resprayed many people think the car was crashed and it better to leave it the original...
  3. titanvirs

    Hi from Ferio Vi-Rs

    New to the site :) Here's my Ferio Vi-Rs hoping to get a Mugen spoiler for it next and lower it ;)
  4. titanvirs

    Ferio Vi-Rs Project

    Recently got a Civic Ferio Vi-Rs With no rust what so ever And Manual from the factory :woot: Now time to Start making it look nicer :ek9: Anyone reccomend anything would be great help :thanks: