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  1. ek9malta

    ek9 suspension

    hi what can i do more to my ek9 for more better holding ? its already has coilovers and front camber arms
  2. ek9malta

    WTB : B series fuel things

    im searching for a b series injectors (not oem) aem fuel rail and pressure regulator and shipping to uk :p
  3. ek9malta

    b series turbo kit

    any turbo kit for sale pls imp for type R head
  4. ek9malta

    WANTED:S80 4.7

    wanted s80 4.7 for my ek9 plus shipping to uk mainland pls
  5. ek9malta

    Ktuned Shifter fot b-series

    hey guys what you think about ktuned shifter for my ek9?
  6. ek9malta

    interior prices plss

    hi i have some interior parts of an ek9 Big RED carpet ek9 civic type r red carpets 5pc and ek9 door cards with switches and plastic ad grills all in great condition what prices i can get Regards EK9TURBO
  7. ek9malta

    performance parts info

    Hi im interested to buy some parts for a dc2 do you have any sites pls ? thanks Regards ek9turbo
  8. ek9malta

    Performance parts info

    Hi im interested to buy some parts for a dc2 do you have any sites pls ? thanks Regards ek9turbo
  9. ek9malta

    need some advise interior gauges

    hi there im after some gauges what gauges do you racomand for an N/A ek9 ?
  10. ek9malta

    5x114.3 wheels

    hi i need to buy a set of wheels for my 00' ek9 what you've got?
  11. ek9malta

    wanted civic ek9 wheels

    hi im looking for a set of wheels for my civic 5x114 in et 40-45 in 15'' prefers some branded alloys for track use
  12. ek9malta

    vip member

    hi i paid the member ship yesterday how can i make a thread in want to boy or want to sell couse the is no sign of "new thread"
  13. ek9malta

    ek9 parts prices

    can any one please help me with ek9 interior parts prices like red carpet red type r carpets and other stuff pleaseeee
  14. ek9malta

    d2 suspension

    Hi any info/reviews on d2 front and rear camber arms?
  15. ek9malta

    My cw facelift ek9

    my ek9 from malta :) enjoy
  16. ek9malta

    tyres for ek9

    hi, i have an ek9 facelift i bought rota alloys 16x7 what tyres should i install im thinking about nexen but dont know the right width of the tyre
  17. ek9malta

    new into this forum :)

    hi im new to this forum so.. my name is redeemer from malta i turned 18 i have an ek9 i bought it a year ago and its a jap import thanks. this pic is a recent 1 i bought it with 17''ep3 alloys now its changed with 16'' ce28n and oem bumpers(in progress)
  18. ek9malta

    civic ek9 stereo problem

    hi im new into honda since im only 17:) so i have a honda ek9.. i am trying to connect my stereo (boss) i bought the adaptor to match the original plug to my stereo and the red light from my stereo is turning on but the stereo is no tuning on any help ????