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  1. JohnOBrien8

    Any og's still on here?

    I wondered while I was logging in if anything would have changed! I used to be online daily I haven’t been on here since I moved from Ireland to Australia 5 years ago! I looked at a few jap cars when I got here but decided against it, it’s just not the same here unless it’s V8 I Still have my...
  2. JohnOBrien8

    My EK9.... take 2

    Great attention to detail! You have left no stone unturned! Got good motivation from this build
  3. JohnOBrien8

    Sorry long gone mate

    Sorry long gone mate
  4. JohnOBrien8

    B series clear plug cover

    As above anyone know where these can be got never seen one before! Pic attached!
  5. JohnOBrien8

    Ek9 Build Up *Slow Progress*

    Haven't updated this in along time, the car was originally white, it was painted silver in japan, I've re-done the bay white now,when I had the engine out I swapped it for a low mileage b18c6,fitted fidanza flywheel,spoon leads,new Honda dizzy cap and rotor and new Honda clutch, thermal intake...
  6. JohnOBrien8

    New Black Facelift EK9,Cavan member!

    Should have never sold this! any of the Irish members know where it is now? Iirc it went to dublin
  7. JohnOBrien8

    driveshaft length ek9 L&R

  8. JohnOBrien8

    driveshaft length ek9 L&R

    Mmm one on the right looks longer alright! Cheers for the heads up, anyone else any info?
  9. JohnOBrien8

    driveshaft length ek9 L&R

    Yeah so the shafts themselves bare are both same length? Added a picture of my inner end that's damaged , the snap ring looks perfect what's people's thoughts?
  10. JohnOBrien8

    driveshaft length ek9 L&R

    Might seem like a strange question , are ek9 driveshafts the same length? I had my shafts completely stripped and rebuilt, I've now done about 50mile , the gearbox was rebuilt also, earlier my driverside shaft popped out of gearbox, new top and bottom ball joints so hub is in place, I took the...
  11. JohnOBrien8

    clutch master cylinder

    Buy a s2000 one so much neater in engine bay and can be fitted straight to ek with either a sandwich plate or just use a die on rod of cylinder so you can properly adjust it
  12. JohnOBrien8

    Multicar Insurance

    Do you guys do policys for people in ROI?
  13. JohnOBrien8

    intake manifold and throttle body options

    What sort of can could I use with my standard compression? To get good gains
  14. JohnOBrien8

    intake manifold and throttle body options

    This is what I had heard myself but I wasn't sure and I'm trying to get as much as I can from engine, have a lightened flywheel, 4.7 box etc so next step would be a built engine
  15. JohnOBrien8

    intake manifold and throttle body options

    Any Any guides for this, I have the tools to do it but no point in doing it wrong
  16. JohnOBrien8

    intake manifold and throttle body options

    As above i have a healthy standard b18c in my Ek9 with a good exhaust manifold and catback, a good intake with cold feed but before I go for a remap I want to know should I upgrade my intake manifold and throttle body? I currently have standard ITR intake Mani and TB with a thermal manifold...
  17. JohnOBrien8

    Spoon Twinblock Calipers

    Pm me best price please
  18. JohnOBrien8

    Accord Type R Twin Pot Callipers

    Do I have to run 300mm discs with them?
  19. JohnOBrien8

    Accord Type R Twin Pot Callipers

    What about wheel fitment? Can I run standard Ek9 wheels or will I have to run 16"