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  1. jimmye30

    Rally Car

    Ha ya, immaculate car. Low mileage..:naughty: Ya it really is great fun, one of the best hobbies anyone could have. Ya I think that livery really suited it too, you never know I might revert back to the original livery in the future!
  2. jimmye30

    Rally Car

    Thanks, ya Higgins was on some pace then alright!! Mainly do a few events in the south, aiming to do Circuit of Kerry, Circuit of Munster and Banna this year. Although I was up in Mondello for the Carlow Rally Sprint over Christmas, which was good fun. :drive:Ya running class 11, its a far cry...
  3. jimmye30

    Hello everyone

    Hi guys, New to the forum, have been looking around long enough so said its about time that I joined! I have an eg6 rally car, just posted a bit about it in the other hondas section! Have a look! Thanks :)):)):))
  4. jimmye30

    My eg6 Rally car

    Shake Down Rally Preps finest work!! :win::win:
  5. jimmye30

    Rally Car

    Hi guys this is my Honda Civic Vti Rally Car. I bought it a couple of years ago and have done a couple of local events with it. ( including some landscaping!!) :drive: Circuit of Munster 2013 Banna 2013 (the clutch went at the start line, but we still got to the end!) Had planned...