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  1. jp_ek4ferio

    Anyone any experience with McAnax tools

    Well lads just wondering if anyone has any experience with McAnax tools I'm looking to buy a tool chest from them but can't find any reviews online. I'm an apprentice mechanic so will get a fair bit of use. Or has anyone any suggestions for good tool boxes that arnt snap on prices ?
  2. jp_ek4ferio

    Mugen mf-8 15" do they exist

    Hey guys just wondering if the mf-8 ever came in 15". I always thought they were 16". Can anyone clear this up ?
  3. jp_ek4ferio

    yet another underseal question

    sorry to put up another thread about underseal but it seem the more i research the more confused i become. so im planning on doing the underseal myself and think i am going to go for the dintrol 4941 underseal and 3125 cavity wax ? does this seem like a good choice ? any past experiences welcome
  4. jp_ek4ferio

    Wanted crx sir. A very long shot I know

    well folks I'm looking to buy a ef8 crx glass top shell. I know it's a long shot but worth a try. Pm me if you have anything can buy this weekend
  5. jp_ek4ferio

    Interior bulb cluster ?

    im looking to replace all my interior bulbs like the ones in the pic. Anyone know where to buy them or what colour bulb they are ?
  6. jp_ek4ferio

    Cam timing question got sorted

    was looking at my cam timing today and notices the two cam shafts where pointing up with the little mark lined up but it looks like the intake is slightly off looking at the up mark ? But the mark is right ? The reason I ask is I'm having awful idle problems and this might be the problem
  7. jp_ek4ferio

    doing a fuel pressure test ?

    looking to see if anyone has any info on doing a fuel pressure test on a b16. i was looking to see where to take the pressure reading from and it looks like the only place is the fuel filter ?? does anyone know if you can take it from the fuel rail or anywhere else ??
  8. jp_ek4ferio

    Honda Integra DA6 Xsi for sale

    Decided to sell my da hope admin dont mind me posting here car is located in meath Ireland 1990 Honda Integra DA6 for sale. NCT 11/16 passed today with no issue at all, Tax until 12/15 -full obd1 wiring loom including engine dash and rear which was removed from a 1992 da6 along with the engine...
  9. jp_ek4ferio

    engine oil pressure ??

    Well lads after some advise yet again ha. Basically I have an oil light that takes a few seconds to turn off after the engine is started just when its cold. So I decided to do a oil pressure test on the engine. It didn't read anything atal on the gauge until about 3 seconds after the engine...
  10. jp_ek4ferio

    really bad idle problem help. Finally sorted

    well lads having a bit of an issue with my idle, basically its fine when its cold until it gets warm then it will start fluctuating quiet a bit sometimes it will cut out. but if i start it again it might idle perfect and other times it might only be a little lumpy 150 RPM or so. i have cleaned...
  11. jp_ek4ferio

    what exhaust mani will fit ??

    iv done some research but cant find what im looking for, i need to know for sure what mani will fit a DA6/CRX/EF with a b16 ? as iv heard many dont fit because of the front cross member that arnt in eg's and ek's.
  12. jp_ek4ferio

    buying a spurious brake master cylinder ??

    well chaps im in a bit of a pickle, basically i have a sinking brake pedal but only when they are gently applied and i suspect i need a new master cylinder. i can get one new from mister-auto its a TRW and its 15/16" bore which is the same as oem. i was just wondering does anyone know if they...
  13. jp_ek4ferio

    wanted: dc2 aerial and gear shifter

    well lads im looking for the above i need a dc2 retractable aerial must be in perfect working order. also looking for an oem dc2 gear shifter.
  14. jp_ek4ferio

    Brake pedal sinking sometimes

    Well lad need some help. My brake pedal will sink if the engine is idling however if I was driving along the brake pedal is fine. also if I pump the brakes with the engine off I get a stiff pedal as expected but if I hold down the pedal and start the car the pedal sinks to the floor ?? Need help...
  15. jp_ek4ferio

    B16 high idle

    Well lads recently completed a engine swap it's a obd1 b16 the problem is when it's started it idles at around 1600 which is normal enough but when it warms up the idle does not drop as it should. I was thinking maybe fast idle valve or iacv ?? Any suggestions?
  16. jp_ek4ferio

    Isle of Man tt

    Well lads looking for some info or better still help. Me and a mate are hoping to go to the tt this year and are about to book camping for a week during race week but I said I'd throw this up and see. Would anyone know of any accommodation such as B and B. Ideally a twin room but open to options.
  17. jp_ek4ferio

    inditcators not working but harzards are

    well lads i noticed today that my indicators wernt working but my hazards were. i checked the fuse, checked relay and also replaced it just in case, i also replaced my stalks, anyone any suggestions ?
  18. jp_ek4ferio

    converting obd0 to obd1

    well lads looking for a bit of info. i have a 1990 da integra shell which has interior loom of 0bd0 and i have a obd1 engine and engine loom, im just wondering is there anyway i can use the obd1 engine and loom aswell as the obd0 interior loom ? or would i be just better off taking out inetior...
  19. jp_ek4ferio

    electrical problem help needed

    well lads i am currently building a da integra and at the minute i have no engine in it but i have both my interior and engine loom connected. i wanted to see if i could get my ignition on and my lights ect so i connected a battery to the engine loom and grounded what i could. problem is when i...
  20. jp_ek4ferio

    are all b16 blocks the same ?

    well lads tried searching this but cant find exactly what im looking for. im looking for a b16 block to use in my da integra but cant find one out of it so im thinking of looking for one from a eg/ek but my question is if im only using the bare block from the eg can i connect my obd0 loom to it...