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  1. tenz78

    Matt's JDM EP3

    Back in December of last year, I collected my EP3 from BHP Imports. It's 2002 model with 85K miles on the clock (full conversion carried out by the importer). Grade 4B. It had a Spoonsports street muffler back box fitted on import, unfortunately, it had collapsed inside. Everything else was...
  2. tenz78

    96-00 Civic hatchback/coupe centre armrest.

    As per the title. I'm looking for a centre armrest in grey. It must include the rear mount bracket(pictured), please. Thanks Matt.
  3. tenz78

    Matt's Civic Ferio Vi-RS

    Hello everyone. After selling my EK9 last november, possibly one of the worst decisions I've made, I find myself with another civic. I ended buying a civic ferio vi-rs, some of you might recognise the car from the for sale section. Darragh, the previous owner, was a pleasure to deal with...
  4. tenz78

    Matt's PFL DC5.

    I thought while I'm waiting for my DC5 to arrive from Japan I would get a thread started. After contacting Torque GT I decided to go with their personal import service to find me a good example. This is what they found for me: 2001 model with C pack - Rear tints,Rear wiper,Retracting...
  5. tenz78

    Matt's Facelift EK9

    Just a few pictures of my ek9 after spending all morning removing all my after market parts and giving it well deserved clean.
  6. tenz78

    Matt's EK9.

    With the weather being nice I took a few pictures of my EK9. DSCF0148 by Matt_EK9, on Flickr DSCF0147 by Matt_EK9, on Flickr DSCF0152 by Matt_EK9, on Flickr DSCF0159 by Matt_EK9, on Flickr DSCF0162 by Matt_EK9, on Flickr DSCF0161 by Matt_EK9, on Flickr DSCF0157...
  7. tenz78

    Matt's Facelift EK9.

    Hi,I'm now the new owner of Jake123's EK9. I don't plan on doing much to the car as these look best near standard. I'm just going to keep it maintained,clean and enjoy it. This morning I was able to the car on the ramp and get a few things done. The floorpan had some surface...
  8. tenz78

    Clover Green EJ9

    Hi. After being on here for a while i thought it was about time i put some pics up of my car. It's a 2000 model Clover Green EJ9 se which was standard when i bought it back in march 2010...