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  1. NZRacerX

    Overcamming a B16A/B16B?

    So I've heard this term used, in reference to using cams that are too big for the engine. And I kind-of understand what it's about. But it gets me thinking... what are the "biggest" cams people have put into a 1600cc B Series engine, successfully or unsuccessfully? (Yes, I know there's no...
  2. NZRacerX

    Power Steering Cooler

    Did the EK9 come with a factory cooling radiator for the Power Steering fluid, like the one highlighted here: I have had the occasional issue on the track with the Power Steering fluid getting overly hot, and sometimes overflowing as a result. I wasn't even aware that little cooling...
  3. NZRacerX

    Front-End Upgrade from Prefacelift (E-EK9) to Facelift (GF-EK9)

    This has probably been covered plenty of times before, but I'm just trying to establish what would be required to change the front-end exterior of an EK9 from PFL to FL. Two main questions: 1) Is the underlying chassis identical, i.e. it's just bolt-on bits that are different, and they would...
  4. NZRacerX

    NZRacerX's EK9 - 19/10 Interior Pics Up

    So I've been around this forum for a number of years now, mainly just reading, with the occasional comment here or there. Thought it was about time to contribute something back, and at least post up some pics. I bought my EK9 in 2004, having previously owned an EF3 and an EG6. Freshly...
  5. NZRacerX

    Spoon B-Pipe Resonator Size

    Hey everyone, I'm hoping someone might be able to help out and provide two measurements on a Spoon B-Pipe (EK9 of course) for me please: 1) The length of the resonator 2) The diameter of the piping (main piping, not resonator) I have one on my car, but courtesy of some bad unloading...