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  1. bipbip216

    Trickle charger for dry cell battery

    Hi, I have a CTEK MSX 5.0 trickle charger for my oem halfords battery, but I'm thinking of upgrading to an Odyssey PC680... does anyone know if the trickle charger will still work with this type of dry cell battery? Thanks.
  2. bipbip216

    Odd Dyno Results

    A friend had his car dyno'd earlier this year and shared the print out with me, but I can't help but think that something is odd about either the car or the dyno. It'll be good to hear the experienced views of you guys! The car is a 2010 Subaru Impreza WRX STI. What's puzzling me is that it...
  3. bipbip216

    Zeta R setup help

    Hello! I bought some Meister R Zeta R's last September for my project car and I've been playing around with the setup today. I'm having a little trouble with the ride height on the front... they don't go as low as I'd hoped! So I was wondering if anybody else had these coilovers and whether you...
  4. bipbip216

    OEM front seat belt lower bar

    Hi All, I'm looking for the OEM front seat belt lower bars (not sure what they're called), preferably both sides if you have them, shown in the picture below: Many thanks, Phill
  5. bipbip216

    TIFU: Japfest tickets

    Hi all, Just to warn you (so that you don't make the same stupid mistake that I did) that Japfest tickets show up as '' on your bank statement... I paid for my ticket last Thursday (22nd) and didn't think any more of it. I then looked at my account today and found that a...
  6. bipbip216

    Washer Jet Grommets

    I need a pair of the little rubber grommets that sit between the bonnet and the washer jets. I've been to the Honda garage and they don't seem to sell them :( Does anyone have a pair for sale? Or can point me in the direction of a suitable alternative part/place that sells the original part...
  7. bipbip216

    2015 Type R Update

    Honda have released some more information and images of the upcoming Type R. What do you guys think? I'm not a huge fan of the blue...
  8. bipbip216

    Latest Honda CTR advert/competition

    Hi All, If you haven't signed up to the news feed for the latest Type-R concept, you may not be aware of the new competition they're running here The idea is that you watch their latest advert and try to spot 6 Type R/Honda references within. I've found 5 so far, but need somebody to...
  9. bipbip216

    ek9 stolen :'(

    Literally came back from the pub and it's gone! Pre facelift white ek9 registration: R593 XBT has black oem alloys If anybody sees it or has any info please let me know :-( was stolen from Cheltenham near the new gchq (supposedly the safest place in the UK) I'll post a picture up in the morning.
  10. bipbip216

    Drag strip in Stratford Upon Avon 13th October

    Sorry for the late notice, only just realised I'm going myself! Just thought I'd mention it if anyone else was interest in coming too :) Shakespear Country Raceway are holding a RWYB (Run What You Brung) event at their 1/4 mile drag strip this weekend. It's a pulic event so you can just...
  11. bipbip216

    Windows 7

    Just wondering what people think? My first impressions weren't very good... a friend was DJ'ing last night with all the software running off his laptop and windows 7 decided it wanted to update itself and restart in the middle of a set. I did have to laugh very hard, just thought id share it...
  12. bipbip216

    Weird vtec problem

    Hey wonder if anyone could help, :nono: Ive had a problem with my vtec for a few weeks now, it keeps turning on and off while driving. When i put my foot down it randomly switches and gives that extra power and sound whenever it feels like it. Its like a slowly flickering light bulb going on...
  13. bipbip216

    Front bushings

    H, Im looking to buy 2 front lower control arm shock bushings for a 1997 honda civic, I dont need a whole bushings kit just them 2 in particular. I've searched through the internet and can only find american company's that sell them, with £40 p+p!!! Does anyone know of a decent company in...
  14. bipbip216

    Help Please!!!

    Hey, wondered if anyone could help! Ive recently bought some lowering springs for my ek3 and decided to spend the day fitting them. I managed to get the front right one fitted, but when taking the piston bolt off the left shock assembly the allan key snapped!! The problem is there's no part of...