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  1. bipbip216

    Anyone interested in having another meet?

    I might join too if I'm free :)
  2. bipbip216

    Windscreen replacement

    Insurance will only replace with a UK spec windscreen, which is thicker and heavier than the JDM one. You can get a JDM windscreen from Honda still, but it'll be expensive so best to find a breaker.
  3. bipbip216

    Trickle charger for dry cell battery

    Ahh that's great news, saves me buying a new one, thanks. The 5.0 has an AGM mode so I guess I need to use that, didn't realise that dry cell was essentially AGM.
  4. bipbip216

    Trickle charger for dry cell battery

    Hi, I have a CTEK MSX 5.0 trickle charger for my oem halfords battery, but I'm thinking of upgrading to an Odyssey PC680... does anyone know if the trickle charger will still work with this type of dry cell battery? Thanks.
  5. bipbip216

    Engine rev cut in corners

    I know the standard b-series suffer oil starvation on long corners with track tyres, and the AD08R is pretty decent... Do you have a baffled sump?
  6. bipbip216

    Japfest Silverstone 2018

    I'll be there, but just as a spectator this year. Car won't be ready in time :(
  7. bipbip216

    EK Breaking

    Price on the Spoon HT leads?
  8. bipbip216

    How broken is my engine??

    Have you checked that the spark plugs are tight? I had a similar noise before and it was just a spark plug that had worked it's way loose, bouncing up and down in the hole. Might be worth checking as that's a super cheap fix!
  9. bipbip216

    Building an EK9

    Hi and welcome to the forum! If I were you I would buy an ek9 shell and build it up from scratch. You have the money and the time, you just need the patience. These projects usually take a couple of years of research and effort and as it's a project car you won't be tempted to insure and drive...
  10. bipbip216

    New user - EK9 race car

    Looking good! It looks more like you have an ek3 than an ek9 though... what does the vin plate say? Not that it matters with that level of modifications :) what engine are you running?
  11. bipbip216

    Japfest Silverstone 2017

    1. Robthedoc (CW Turbo EK9) 2. DMEK9 (CW EK9) 3. DMEK9's Son (EK4) 4. R1PPU (VSM B16 EJ9) 5. Carla (VSM B18 EJ9) 6. Bipbip216 (CW B18 EK9) 7. 8.
  12. bipbip216

    Japfest Silverstone 2017

    I'm always up for going! Is there a minimum number we need for a stand then?
  13. bipbip216


    Bought an oil cooler from Stephen. Swift communication, well packaged and exactly as described :nice:
  14. bipbip216

    BEST Grippy tyres

    For a road car AD08R's are my choice, decent in this icey weather too. Last about 8k miles (just commuting) before changing.
  15. bipbip216

    Ek4 siR putting back to standard or break, spoon,rota, ek9 parts

    Sent it on Thursday last week... I'll try again, maybe it didn't get to you :)
  16. bipbip216

    Rusty roof issues on my Champ white fn2

    Hey! I had this issue on my FN2 last year, it's problem with the way the windscreen mount was designed. Micro vibrations in the rubber wear away the paint and let the elements in, causing the rust. If I remember correctly Honda actually extended the corrosion warranty for this particular issue...
  17. bipbip216

    OBD1 Chips in UK

    Hello! Not sure who can make you a chip, but I may have some useful info on the JDM map/chip. It's worth noting that there are two different types of JDM B18CR (96 and 98 spec), and therefore two different maps. So it might be worth finding out which spec engine you have so you can match up the...
  18. bipbip216

    Difference between PR3-1,PR3-2, and PR3-3??

    I've heard the number represents the casing it was created from in the factory, so no physical differences really. There's also a PR3-4. For the ITR, the best looking heads were chosen and green paint was added behind the distributor before being sent for port and polish! Not sure if the same...
  19. bipbip216

    Skunk2 Exhaust manifold

    You have to remove your engine stiffener to fit the S2 Alpha, which means your flywheel will be exposed to the elements! I've had a Mugen before and currently have a Tegiwa (Toda rep), can recommend both.