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  1. _JT

    Stereo issues

    Have you measured the power wires with head lights on and off? Maybe a good start to know wether your HU receives no power at all or too litle when head lights are turned on.
  2. _JT

    LSD gearbox

    Beware, S9B has long gears, longer than S4C and will make the car slower. S4C is the B16A(2) gearbox, which was also available with LSD on the EK9 as Pete said. The S80 is from the DC2, the 98 JDM spec and I believe EUDM models having shorter 4th and 5th due to 1 inch bigger wheels than JDM 96...
  3. _JT

    Best suspension setup for daily on crap roads.

    So this is about an EJ9? I have had a standard DC2 and I absolutely never felt I needed different suspension. It was also really good at handling worse roads. Besides that, your suspension is a lot more than only dampers and springs. It's also bushes, anti roll bars and more. So one alternative...
  4. _JT

    Torque specs b series

    Thanks leej8!
  5. _JT

    Spoon springs for DC2 - understeer?

    Ok, cool. Thanks for your input!
  6. _JT

    Spoon springs for DC2 - understeer?

    I have the option of getting some Spoon springs for my DC2. But when I take a look at the spring rate the rear springs are quite a bit less stiff. They are 15% less stiff. While the difference in numbers on the stock setup are very small. I am afraid of getting a more understeering DC2. Can...
  7. _JT

    Home-made velocity stacks!

    I'd like them if possible? :) Really cool project. Have you got before and after dyno's?
  8. _JT

    Buying a turbo EK4

    Ok. It's also got a 6puck F1 clutch, I'll see how long that lasts. Is there anyone that, based on the information that I supplied, think's it's not a wise idea to buy this car?
  9. _JT

    Buying a turbo EK4

    Wow, that's really cool :o Cooler I think than my previous D16z6, B16A and B18C have ever ran :o I've had a B16A and B18C which used about half of that, half a liter every 5000km if revving it hard (when warmed up obviously) so I thought it being a VTEC engine with added pressure in the...
  10. _JT

    Buying a turbo EK4

    I'm eyeballing a turbo EK4. I've driven the car in the passenger seat and it seemed to run very well besides being very fast (obviously). It's powered by XSPower parts on stock internals, uprated injectors + fuel pump and a custom tune on a chipped P28. I've been searching and found that their...
  11. _JT

    Rhonda the tro of love...

    Message me when you head for the ring :D
  12. _JT

    Backpressure is it a mith or should i get one silencer in my exhaust?

    Based on what I've read: stock to moderately tuned B16/B18" 2,5". Take into account that a 2,5" collector on the header is also very important! This was stock on the stock 98 spec JDM s/s header. For a heavily tuned engine I think 2,75" would be wise.
  13. _JT

    Rhonda the tro of love...

    Wow mate, awesome. Would love to see some numbers on the performance. And would love to meet your cool dog :D Let me know if you ever drive this thing to the Netherlands :)
  14. _JT

    Backpressure is it a mith or should i get one silencer in my exhaust?

    Back pressure is NOT the same as the scavenging effect/pulse tuning in an exhaust! It even contradicts; how would an exhaust be able to get it's own gasses out with more pressure holding back the gasses? Backpressure is bad so you want as little as possible. Some people therefor choose a very...
  15. _JT

    My 96 spec JDM dc2

    Try in the shadow to limit dynamic range.
  16. _JT

    Warning PAYPAL Scam

    Thanks for sharing.
  17. _JT

    My Eg6 SiR

    Awesome. Had an EG5 and in terms of looks I actually like the 5th gen chassis better than the 6th gen :D It looks lower and more aerodynamic. And the tailgate is EPIC. Love the external seats :nice:
  18. _JT

    Danger-mouse's K20 EK9

    Awesome. I hope I will have the privilege of owning a K20 Type R some day.
  19. _JT

    My 96 spec JDM dc2

    Cool, got a pic from a distance to see what the diffusor looks like on the car?
  20. _JT

    OMFG Who's is this car??

    I believe those kind of gearboxes are 5k + alone...