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  1. tenz78

    1999 Championship White EK9

    I sold the car in November 2014. The guy that bought it was/is a member on here. I think his username/name was Rik? He did have a build thread, but I can't find it. Hopefully, it is sat in a garage somewhere.
  2. tenz78

    Whats needed to swap a d16 to a b18c in an ep2
  3. tenz78

    S2000 Cluster into EG9 Civic
  4. tenz78

    Matt's JDM EP3

    After a break from working on the car, I finally pulled my finger out and few more jobs ticked off the to-do list. Replaced: Front & rear anti-roll bar D bushes. Drivers door actuator, remote locking now works. Clutch fluid. Fitted a spoon sports B pipe. Fitted some subframe rigid...
  5. tenz78

    Matt's JDM EP3

    Couldn't agree more about the clutch. My Dc5 needed on after 1500 miles, after collecting it from torque gt. I bought an FN2 last year, that needed a clutch and flywheel after only 800 miles. The only type r, that I've owned, that didn't require was my ek9. I was gutted about the spoon exhaust...
  6. tenz78

    Matt's JDM EP3

  7. tenz78

    Matt's JDM EP3

    Back in December of last year, I collected my EP3 from BHP Imports. It's 2002 model with 85K miles on the clock (full conversion carried out by the importer). Grade 4B. It had a Spoonsports street muffler back box fitted on import, unfortunately, it had collapsed inside. Everything else was...
  8. tenz78

    What sort of price

    Torque gt have one: But the first picture, the osf wheel looks to be set back in the wheel arch. Could just be the angle the picture was taken.
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    Always a pleasure buying parts off Irf. No hassle, excellent communication, well packaged and quick delivery.
  10. tenz78

    Wedsport TC05 and Enkei ES Tarmac Wheels

    This is my old ferio vi-rs on the old es tarmac's. I believe these are now discontinued. These are the later version of the tarmc wheels, 16 inch. They've now been released in 15 inch:
  11. tenz78

    96-00 Civic hatchback/coupe centre armrest.

    As per the title. I'm looking for a centre armrest in grey. It must include the rear mount bracket(pictured), please. Thanks Matt.
  12. tenz78

    Matt's Civic Ferio Vi-RS

    The Tanabe exhaust eventually gave up. For the past few weeks, it's been held together with c/v boot clips and Hondabond. I've fitted an Integra (db8) type r back box, M2 unsilenced centre pipe and a UK spec dc2 cat.
  13. tenz78

    Matt's Civic Ferio Vi-RS

    Sorry, just seen your post. I know. Time flies. The car has been faultless in all that time. The only thing that has failed is the exhaust, which was last week.
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    I bought a Dc2 cat from Irf. Excellent communication and quick delivery. Highly recommended.
  15. tenz78

    Matt's Civic Ferio Vi-RS

    Nothing much to report. I changed the 195 tyres with some 205's, look much better. Fitted some 6two1 wheel nuts as well.
  16. tenz78

    Matt's Civic Ferio Vi-RS

    New wheels are now fitted. Not happy with the 95 tyre, looks too skinny. I'll be changing to a 205 tyre at some point. IMG_0472 (1) by matt palin, on Flickr
  17. tenz78

    Fujitsubo rm01a

    There's one for sale on Facebook. Andy Boyle is the seller. He's also a member on here.
  18. tenz78

    Matt's Civic Ferio Vi-RS

    Update on the ferio. With the FN2 now sold (owned for a couple of months), I've decided to keep the Ferio. I was looking at importing an eg6 sir, but it was too expensive. So, some new wheels have been bought. Enkei sport tarmac rc-t5 - 16x7 et42. These took 4 days to arrive from Japan...
  19. tenz78

    Another "What Gearbox Oil Should I Use" Thread

    I've got some MFT you can have. PM me your delivery details and I'll get shipped out to you.
  20. tenz78

    HELP HELP HELP!!!!!!

    Honda part number for ek9 bolts(same as ek4):