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  1. vindiesel

    Honda S2000 wanted

    Hey there guys, I am looking to buy an S2000 of year 2001 or before. The reason to that, is that I will be importing the car to my country and due to heavy taxation the car needs to be of year 2001 or before in order to save some good amount of money. I would like to see if any member from here...
  2. vindiesel

    What wheel nuts?

    Thanks a lot for the information guys :)
  3. vindiesel

    What wheel nuts?

    Hey there guys. Does anyone know what brand are those wheel nuts?? I think I fell in love... :p
  4. vindiesel


    How much is postage to Cyprus mate?
  5. vindiesel

    Want your photo on the Facebook Page?

    Here is my 9 before opening the b's head :D
  6. vindiesel

    Engine Rebuild

    Thanks a lot for your help mate!
  7. vindiesel

    Engine Rebuild

    Thanks a lot mate for the information. Another thing that I wanted to ask is what is the difference between ordinary valves and over sized ones? Because I bought the ordinary set from power division but now I begin to think whether it was a wrong choice and whether I should choose over sized...
  8. vindiesel

    FS: Genuine EK9 full body sticker set

    Would you consider selling one set alone?
  9. vindiesel

    Engine Rebuild

    Hey there guys. I have recently opened my b16b head in order to change the gasket kit as the previous one was not oem and was leaking and therefore decided to make a few things right. I replaced the valves with some power division ones as they were in very bad condition. Now I need to change...
  10. vindiesel

    EK9 ROLLING SHELL Pre face-lift 1997

    Hey mate do you sell the front bumper with the lip alone?
  11. vindiesel

    How to remove paint from plastic grill

    Hey there guys, A few months ago when I had my front bumper repainted the man accidentally painted the front lower grill as well in champ. white, so now I want to get it back to its original "mat black plastic" colour. Could you suggest how I could do this without harming the grill or getting...
  12. vindiesel

    TE37 Refurbished

    Thank you guys. I will have to ask around in order to see what options exist where I live...
  13. vindiesel

    TE37 Refurbished

    Thanks a lot for your responses guys :) I am going to have a talk with a local sandblasting shop here and see what the worker there tells me. I will have you updated :D
  14. vindiesel

    TE37 Refurbished

    added some pictures so you can see the condition as well :)
  15. vindiesel

    TE37 Refurbished

    Hey there guys, As I mentioned before I recently a set of white te37 which are not in a very good condition, thus needing refurbishing. Does someone know what procedure should I follow in order no to do anything that would harm the wheels or weaken them? Is there any good paint removal out...
  16. vindiesel

    Volk Rays TE37

    Yeah mate it's an amazing feeling :D
  17. vindiesel Stickers

    I want one as well pleaseee :)
  18. vindiesel

    Volk Rays TE37

    Thanks a lot for your responses guys! I think I will paint em white. Does any one of you know a paint colour close to the original volk white?
  19. vindiesel

    Volk Rays TE37

    Hey there guys. Yesterday I bought a set of volk rays te37 15x6.5 +39 offset at last!!! :DD I just wanted to ask if anybody knows whether I will need some spacers or anything else in order to fit the wheels on the car as well as your opinions on what colour to paint them (my ek9 in in white...
  20. vindiesel

    Greddy e-manage blue

    When I bought my car it had an e-manage "ecu", the blue one attached to it, but I can see that it's not properly programmed as the engine usually runs between 1000-1500 rpm when on idle and it also leaves behind a lot of non burnt fuel when in vtec. What would you recommend to do? Get it...