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    Curious if anyone knows where my 9 has gone...

    I had that EK9 for like 3 years I live near Inverness
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    b16b and p28 ecu

    Hi guys I was wandering if anyone knows if I can run a chipped p28 ecu with a b16b engine ? and also do I need a obd1 - obd2 harness ? Also is it worth gettn a map with these mods : Whales ***** intake Tegiwa toda replica header de cat 2.5" ss catback Thanks
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    New to EK's. Not new to Hondas!

    Welcome along nice car
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    Newbie. Cork, Rep of Ireland

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    Newbie from Glasgow :)

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    N00b from glasgow

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    Hi from Croatia

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    Hi from Germany

    Welcome, nice car
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    Newbie with EG6 & EK3

    Welcome nice cars
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    Newbie from all over!

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    New From Boston Massachsetts

    Welcome , nice ej
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    New Frenchie

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    Ek9 shocks

    Looking for ek9 shocks if anyone has any pm me please
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    EK9's Breaking

    Have you got shocks ?
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    Hi from Germany

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    Newbie from Ireland

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    Newbie from the highlands

    How many of us highlanders have ek9's ? I got one
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    Newbie from the highlands

    welcome bud , where about in the highlands are you from? Im from here too
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    Import Registration Plates - THE LAW (UK)

    Im getting taken to court for mine , the uk plate would also cover the key hole on the rear to open the boot.