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  1. HornetSting

    How to refurbish/restore Carbon Fiber

    Id use 2000, 2500 and 3000 and then polish up, better with a machine polisher to get it done quick
  2. HornetSting

    tilting the spoiler

    You have to seperate the spoiler from the base plate. Its screwed and double sided tape that holds it down. Id heat it first, as it could crack. I was practically swinging off an old one when I fitted it to my Jordan, and something went on it, couldnt see it though. You can get those...
  3. HornetSting

    prices for cambelt change?

    Im sure Honda offer a fixed plan price for this, they did when they did my Jordan a couple of years ago, think it was the S2000 that wasnt included in the deal.
  4. HornetSting

    1.4 sport popping

    My experience of this with bikes is that its usually a sign of the fuelling being wrong. Once dynoed correctly they dont really do it. My tuner even said he could have tuned the bike to have it spitting flames out if I wanted but thought that was a little much. Anyone remember the Foggy...
  5. HornetSting

    Brake Pads

    Great answers boys, really good info, will have a look in to them. Ben
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    15s or 16s HELP

    If your not bothered by performance then I would go for the 16s
  7. HornetSting

    Black Ek9 on the A55 North Wales

    Where abouts on the A55 mate? What time approx?
  8. HornetSting

    Polished and Waxed for winter

    That looks gorgeous, nice drop too, and turbo ftw
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    Your opinons on a header

    Tip for polished chrome etc taken from one of my Honda tuning books is to use HT paint and spray the inside of the manifold with several coats to make sure all the innards are coated, let dry etc and then install as normal. This keeps the shine a lot better than keeping it as it came out the...
  10. HornetSting

    Headlight Seperation

    Thanks again, Im going to have to check this first before anything goes near any oven.
  11. HornetSting

    Decat Spoon N1..Is it very loud?

    Whats the butterfly valve silencer you have? Does it fit the N1? I know about the spoon baffle, but never heard or seen what you have before.
  12. HornetSting

    My Job Predicament - ADVICE PLEASE

    First thing, well done on getting both. If it was me, the way things are Id probably go for the job that was permanent, I know people that take jobs that pay more but are only temporary and its fun while it lasts but then you have to find a job again afterwards, and unless you are strong enough...
  13. HornetSting

    ek9 tailgate and 1/4 glass

    I think they are to be honest, the rear window too, they are thinner.
  14. HornetSting

    Headlight Seperation

    Nice top tip there saundz, not checked that, they are genuine ek9 lights and standard honda oem lights though.
  15. HornetSting

    Decat Spoon N1..Is it very loud?

    Ive got a N1 and a decat and its annoying me a bit, need the baffle, it sounds great when it vtecs etc, but for everyday running around its too much for me.
  16. HornetSting

    dohc vtec decal

    I think they came on the older generation civics, or the coupe versions from what ive seen. I dont think they were on the 3dr Ek versions, but could be wrong.
  17. HornetSting

    The price of a mugen cluster

    When you did the search on ebay did you do a 'completed listings' search? That way you see what price they actually went for, and not what the person was asking for them etc.
  18. HornetSting

    Slight movement in driver's seat?

    Im interested in this too, as my passenger seat does the exact same thing. Not looked into it at the moment to try and find the source of the problem.
  19. HornetSting

    Listing an engine swap on insurqnce

    Try Adrian Flux and google modified insurance companies too. Sometimes you can get good deals as people that spend a lot of time and money on vehicles can often take more care driving. They may also insure it at a higher rate but part of the cover may be that they will only replace it with the...
  20. HornetSting

    My EK9 Restoration Project Updated 12OCT13

    The level of detail is immense, so jealous that you have this and the knowledge etc to do it. Well done, resepect to that man :bow: Ben