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  1. blinx9900

    First turbo build...

  2. blinx9900

    B16b compression numbers ??? What u think

    great numbers, mine was 225 225 220 225, thats outstanding!
  3. blinx9900

    turbo to fit t3 flange. 300 bhp

    GT3076R is american turbo that spooks on a b16 at about 3500rpm and makes about 580whp :)
  4. blinx9900

    gt3076r vs gt3071r

    i love my 3076, spools fast, hits hard :)
  5. blinx9900

    Gt2860rs gt2871r

    Just use a 3076R, it will spool quick enough and hit like a hammer. if thats not an option for you at minimum go with the 2871.
  6. blinx9900

    B16 turbo stock sleeves

    GT3076R stock sleeves 12psi 333whp no problems. Just keep it under 400whp.
  7. blinx9900

    Stock b16a2 turbo psi?

    8psi should be safe, turbo size and grade of fuel is also a factor.
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    Thank you and good bye <3

    :) come back anytime, i'm personally just returning after a 1 year break lol
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    new to the forum

    hello and welcome!
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    Newbie from Philippines

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    B18C JDM Smoke Question

    do a compression check, it if turns out okay, you can do a leak down or just shine the light as mentioned earlier to look at the valve stems.
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    Bumping in For Sale section

    rvm i've thought this for a long time, i feel the vendors should stick to the vendor section...
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    hello wayne, welcome!
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    Why no Tapatalk for

    we had a mobile feature, not sure what happened to it...
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    The Advantages of Synthetic Oils over Mineral oils

    Great info, thank you!
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    Problem with B18c turbo

    I hate cylinder #3, and i think it hates me back :(
  17. blinx9900

    Aftermarket panel filter???

    order one from KN
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    Bumping in For Sale section

    i suggest a 1 bump per day limit if the thread has not been posted on as a comment counts as a bump.
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    Boost issue

    You have free'd up the exhaust so its natural that boost will drop, its like when adding a larger intercooler your boost will drop a little, you simply need a boost controller to raise the boost back up unless it can be adjusted from your wg actuator.