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    Many people went from Jdm dc2 to a ek9?

    Just wanted everyone's overall opinions really. I'm looking for a new project an have a Jdm dc2 at the minute which I'm about finished. Soooo looking into a new project an wanted people's views on this move, on performance etc
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    Advise needed, very confused teg owner

    Hey guys Please help me out here My rear hub on my Jdm Itr dc2 96 spec has went and so I need to get a new rear hub. Can anyone confirm that a mb6 rear hub will fit as a straight swap? I need linked up if possible as I've been hunting the past few days. I'd like a new rear hub if...
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    Cw ek9 standard on a1 (Durham area heading south bound)

    Looked super clean mate love it flashed back :)
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    Integra dc2 98 spec Jdm rear bumper

    Championship white preferably but will consider others
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    problems startin the teg in the mornings or when cold

    Hey all, I've posted on itr dc2 but as usual no help, Well I washed the car few weeks ago and since then the car won't start straight away in the cold, I mean may have nothing to do with the wash but the problems beginning to do my head in. It starts fine once ran and warm, its just in...
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    jdm itr carbon bonnet

    Hey al looking for a good/mint condition carbon bonnet Preferably a vented bonnet style like the feels, monster carbon bonnets Try me, thankyou
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    after a bit courrier advice if possible

    Hey all Firstly be gentle this is first time ive ever had to use a courrier and so im a total noob. Basically i have just purchased a jdm itr dc2 carbon bonnet, but need it collected and brought to me, im just very wary of it being damaged in transit etc. I assume theres an additional...
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    dc2 fitment fijitsubo rm01a exhaust system swap for mugen twinloop

    Hey all I have a good condition Mugen Twinloop, by good i mean no flat spots at all, regularly cleaned and polished after all it is Mugen so i have taken very good care of it. Just fell the time is right for a louder system. I rate the system at £400 as stated its nearly spiffing...
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    brake disk advice for honda

    Hey guys I'm thinking this is ok to ask here as I'm thinking ek's will have the same problem as my dc2 Basically I jacked my car off the ground last night to check tyres and ensure my calipers weren't shut etc, (common problem on the dc2). Found out 3 were fine spun freely for about 6 turns...
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    brake disk advice for honda

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    Overall opinions of DC2's with black or 3m carbon roof wrapped roofs

    Hey all I need convincing or told to shutup lol :angry2: im in two minds whether to have my roof wrapped 'matte black' (safe option) or the '3m carbon effect' stuff My Jdm tegs CW and has a few carbon parts (spoiler extension, spoon mirrors, spoon front lip, black decal on the bonnet)...
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    Bit advice on my ITR DC2

    Hey guys, well ive noticed a little change in my tegs performance over the past two weeks, its felt very aggressive rev friendly, an ive owned it for 3 years approx now. My question is when imported from japan it came with 2 dials in the pillar pod, one read oil pressure the second im unsure...