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  1. ALEX-CY

    PY facelift ek9 breaking

    Recaro price?
  2. ALEX-CY

    My K20 EK9

    nice car. :nice:
  3. ALEX-CY

    My EK9 from the Isle of Man

    nice and clean
  4. ALEX-CY

    1997 Honda Civic EK2 Conversion (Work in progress)

  5. ALEX-CY

    What Intake

    I think the DC2 airbox with cold air feed is one of the best mod that you can make, and cheap
  6. ALEX-CY

    Civic EE9 / EF Restoration Project

    nice work
  7. ALEX-CY

    Jordan no.127

  8. ALEX-CY

    Dan from Amsterdam - Honda thread :)

    nice car
  9. ALEX-CY

    My civic, Kasumi

    nice work:nice:
  10. ALEX-CY

    My EG K20 project

    cant wait
  11. ALEX-CY

    My EG K20 project

  12. ALEX-CY

    New Year 2019

    Happy new year
  13. ALEX-CY

    My ek civic, kanjo style

    nice car
  14. ALEX-CY

    My EK9 project

    :welcome: nice car. nice work
  15. ALEX-CY

    Ek9 red recaro cloth for door trim

    thanks mate
  16. ALEX-CY

    B18 turbo ek4

    lot of work. well done
  17. ALEX-CY

    Ek9 k24 turbo, quaife sequential