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  1. gwalker124

    Ek9 raffle?

    Hi everyone Firstly sorry if this is not allowed, i am not sure on the rules for this as don’t think I’ve ever seen it done before on here? But if it’s not allowed then a mod can delete the thread or let me know and I’ll remove it. I am just trying to gauge interest/feedback on an idea I have...
  2. gwalker124

    Modified Ek9 preface lift headlights

    Hi guys Found an old set of Ek9 headlights that I modified (painted inners) kicking about in my garage when doing a clear out so looking to sell them if anyone is interested. They are up for sale on eBay on the below link...
  3. gwalker124

    Which battery

    hi guys I need a new battery for my Ek9, I believe Honda don’t stock the original battery anymore so what do you guys suggest? Cheers
  4. gwalker124

    Tyre size

    ok so I know this has probably been covered a millions times but I want to make it a million and one :) I am thinking of getting a set of 16x7 et40 wheels and wondered if 215/45/16 tyres would fit on an Ek9 with standard suspension without any rubbing. Most of the threads I have found suggest...
  5. gwalker124

    Starting up my Ek9 after 3 years in storage

    alright guys, My Ek9 has been in storage for the last three years and I am moving to a new house with a garage so I am going to remove it from storage and ship it to the new house. I am going to try and start it up once I get it to the new house is there anything you guys suggest I do before...
  6. gwalker124

    New wheels?

    i am thinking about getting new wheels for my champ white ek9 and I am torn between two wheels White rota slips 15 or 16” Or Bronze rota fighters 16”...
  7. gwalker124

    Urgent help needed!!!!

    Alright lads, I added my build thread today so as some of yous may have seen/read I have a refurbed cam cover to go on the car. Anyway thought I would have a go at it tonight and whilst undoing one of the nuts the bolt sheared! :angry2: I think it must have been over tightened previously...
  8. gwalker124

    My ek9 - gwalker124

    Hi all been a member on here a while but never really started a build thread so thought I would chuck up some pics and a bit of what I've done so far, no performance mods just all cosmetic really, anyway here goes: The day I got the car: After having the car about a year and...
  9. gwalker124

    Strut brace weight?

    As the title suggest I am wondering if anyone knows the rough weight of a standard ek9 strut brace, trying to arrange a courier for mine via parcel monkey but need to know the weight, feels like its only a couple of kg's but I am rubbish at judging weights. :angry:
  10. gwalker124

    Some pre facelift parts

    As the title suggests looking for some pre facelift parts: Ek9 parcel shel - I gave Honda my chasis number and they said the car did not come with a parcel shelf, anyone else had this? Ek9 headlights - must be sealed, already have two sets which mist up, currently repairing a set and...
  11. gwalker124

    Rocker cover needs sprayed or powder coated

    Hi guys, I gave my engine bay a bit of a clean today and the paint on my rocker cover has started to flake quite badly (I know this is pretty common but it looks awful so want to get it sorted). Anyway was wondering what everyone's opinion is on getting the rocker cover sprayed or powder...
  12. gwalker124

    Pre face lift 1998 ek9 championship white

    Item for sale: Pre face lift 1998 ek9 championship white Reputation: Price: £6000 Ono Paypal:no cash on collection Location: Edinburgh Condition: great Description: see attached link Pictures: see attached link Hi guys Please see my below ad on pistonheads for info about the car, to lazy to...
  13. gwalker124

    Dirty thieving barstewards

    Hi guys, Some dirty effin tramp has tried to break into my nine and have snapped one of the clips that holds in the vertical black panel the runs up the side of the drivers door/window and have also bent it :mad: Was wondering if anyone knew where to get a replacement and clips or if anyone...
  14. gwalker124

    All washed and Clean :)

    Well was up at the crack of dawn today so decided to give the car a clean before the rain came out for the day. Heres some pics of her after the wash, excuse the poor pics, taken on my phone and i aint no photographer! lol All comments welcome.
  15. gwalker124

    Fitting an induction kit

    Hi guys Bit a newb question here but I just received my tegiwa whale **** intake and there doesn't seem to be any fitting instructions! Not sure if its cause it's that easy I shouldn't need instructions lol. I don't have the car at the mo as its in the garage but there is a red hose...
  16. gwalker124

    Best place to get new red H badges for an ek9?

    Hi all Looking to get some new red H badges as my car is going in for a respray and wondered if anyone knew a good/cheap place to get original badges from? Cheers Gary
  17. gwalker124

    Oem pads and discs

    Hi guys This questions has prob been asked 100 times before but was wondering if anyone could suggest the best place to get some oem pads and discs (for an ek9) or equivalent for road use. Cheers
  18. gwalker124

    White ek9 edinburgh

    Hey saw a white ek9 going along gorgie road about 9:45 didn't get a got look as was driving the opposite direction, looked like it had black Rota's maybe? Anyone on here?
  19. gwalker124

    Rear seat belt holster thing

    Hi guys I am looking for a rear seat belt holster (not sure for the right name of it, so it the bit that the seat belt clips into lol) Looking for one from pre face lift ek9 not sure if others will fit? Cheers
  20. gwalker124

    Pre face lift rear bumper bar

    Hi guys, Looking for a rear bumper bar for an ek9. Let me know if any of you have one for sale at a reasonable price. Cheers Gary