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    Finally... my build thread for '98Trackhatch

    Any updates on this car???
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    Honda Culture EG Civic

    Any updates on the progress with this?
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    Ek9 project

    Whats the update on this guy??
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    My EK9 k20 build

    Whats the update with this rebuild?
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    1972 Honda N600 deluxe restoration project Cyprus

    Any updates on how this has turned out?
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    The ultimate EK9 parts number list

    Hi guys, does anyone know the part no. for EK9 steering rack?
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    Question on colour code

    Thanks... I will check them out
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    Question on colour code

    Hey guys.... I would like to paint my EK in this colour. Anyone knows this car or knows the paint code?
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    New from Ireland

    Welcome guy
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    Am I too old for an EK9

    Say what now? I'm 35 f*@k what anyone thinks....I love it. lol
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    Sure no problem. Just let me know what you would like to know...always glad to help.

    Sure no problem. Just let me know what you would like to know...always glad to help.
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    new to EK9

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    buddy club extended ball joints

    Yea u can use both.
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    Passenger footwell leak. But with added ants!!! wtf!

    I have the same EK doesnt have in a sun roof and the leak seams to be coming into the fan im hoping i dont have to take back out my dash cause i had it out to repaint. I will lift up the liner by the wipers and check all under there b4 i take out the dash and see how it...
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    My EK4 plans, future, and now :)

    ^What he said!!!!
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    Leaking EK trunk

    Yea i did the vents.... I did the seam which runs at the bottom of the lights. The back lights i sealed to the edge of the car and the top where it comes off the roof. I will take back out the lights and do around the seal....didnt really want to do that since i put in new seals behind there. I...
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    Leaking EK trunk

    Guys and Gals, Have any of you had the problem of your trunk (boot) leaking? I have changed the trunk weather strip, the seals behing the lights and still water manages to get in. Its coming from in the area of the lights but i cannot figure out why. Do I need to put silicone around them as...
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    Looking for some new OEM window visors.

    As topic says...can anyone help me with getting some?
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    Noob. EJ9 - Kswap plans.

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    EK9 's Breaking - Please open thread for info

    Hey buddy, Im looking for a CTR grill and facelift front and rear lips. U have any? If so how much shipped to Barbados?