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  1. Mike1991

    EK9 Parts needed

    Hi there looking for a few parts if anyone has or can’t point me in the right direction needing a pair of pre facelift EK9 headlights and some inner arch linnersand engine under tray
  2. Mike1991

    4-2-1 manifold replacement

    Hi everyone After some help and advice I’m wanting to change my standard manifold on my 1997 pre face life ek9 and wondering what is best to replace it with any suggestions. I did order one and it came but did not fit bought from eBay and it was japspeed Thanks mike
  3. Mike1991

    Best gear box oil ek9

    Hi there what’s everybody using for there gear box oil I have a ek9 and after the best oil I can get for her any suggestions.?
  4. Mike1991

    How many EK9 are left on the road

    Hi everyone can you help just winding how many EK9s are left in total sorn and on the road getting told different figures Thanks mike