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  1. Vtec6000

    Favour needed

    One of my customers who is attending Santa pod today and tomorrow is badly stuck for a alternator belt to fit b18c. If there is any UK members not too far from Santa Pod who would have a belt could they contact me ASAP. Thanks in advance :nice:
  2. Vtec6000

    Turbo MB6!

    Video of my friends MB6 civic been mapped on the Dyno. It's a stock block bar headstuds :nice: B18c4 Turbo - YouTube
  3. Vtec6000

    Well done to Scooby18! *Update 17/05/15

    Well done to Rory(Scooby18) who set a new record here in Ireland for fastest B18 all motor! ran a 12.6 1/4 mile. I believe this is higher than any recorded 1/4 mile time for a NA B18 in the UK also?!
  4. Vtec6000

    J's racing fenders/wings

    Anyone have these fitted to there EK9? Looking for opinions on fitment, quality etc
  5. Vtec6000

    Having your car remapped

    Just running a poll to see what the general consensus is on this. Ok so your taking your car to be remapped(assuming for performance increase) would you expect to be given before and after figures or just the mapped dyno figures. Granted there will be situations where a car's engine has...
  6. Vtec6000

    The importance of distributor timing

    I wrote this for a thread on another forum but figured it might be beneficial to member's on here. I had a situation recently where a previous customer had his car in for some work and since it was over 2 years ago that I tuned the car we decided to give it a run on the dyno to check how it was...
  7. Vtec6000

    Jap K20a Conversion

    Item for sale: K20a Conversion Reputation: Price: £4800 + delivery Paypal: Location: Ireland Condition: VGC Description: See below 2003 JDM K20A & LSD Gearbox Removed from a standard DC5, Chassis No. & Reg available, 116,000KM in top condition, Very quick engine with no smoke or...
  8. Vtec6000

    Brembo British Touring car brake kit

    Putting these up for sale on behalf of a friend. Please pm JDM EK9 Honda Civic Type R Forum - View Profile: o.moynagh regarding these. Item for sale: Brembo British Touring car brake kit Reputation: Price: 500euro Paypal: Yes Location: Ireland Condition: Good condition...
  9. Vtec6000

    K Series Toda Flywheel

    Sticking this up on behalf of a friend, user name "Yonny" on here so please contact him in relation to the item for sale. Item for sale: Toda Flywheel for K series engine Reputation: Price: £350 Paypal: Yes Location...
  10. Vtec6000

    Nitrous oxide AKA NOS!

    Haven't seen any mention of people using Nos on the forum, for drag racing this stuff is really effective. Here is a example of a b18c with 50shot nitrous kit that was in to get mapped recently. Green line is engine running NA and red line is when the nitrous is turned on. The ecu is...
  11. Vtec6000

    Fs ATS 4.9 Final Drive

    Item for sale: ATS 4.9 final drive Reputation: Price: 450euro Paypal?: Yes Location: Ireland Condition: Brand new Description: ATS 4.9 final drive for EG6/EK4 Pictures:
  12. Vtec6000

    Fs - K series Gearbox + Takata harnesses

    Putting these up on behalf of a friend. PM member "o.moynagh" on here for any questions regarding items for sale. JDM EK9 Honda Civic Type R Forum - View Profile: o.moynagh Item for sale: 2006 DC5 Gearbox Price: 1700euro ovno. Location: Ireland Condition: Fully rebuilt...
  13. Vtec6000


    Anyone a member on there who can post in wanted section?
  14. Vtec6000

    Close call!

    New 2012 Amazing Reactions In A Formula One Car At 150 Mph - YouTube Amazing reaction time
  15. Vtec6000

    How to clean IACV

    How to remove and clean: If you have a front strut brace it's easiest to work on the IACV by removing it. I also remove the air intake pipe for more room and to clean port on throttle body from which air flows to IACV. The IACV is located at rear of intake manifold as shown in image below...
  16. Vtec6000

    My new toy

    Bought this over the weekend has a nice spec on it including built engine and a gt2871r turbo! and of course 2 way diff:D Have a few plans for it so will update thread as things progress:nice:
  17. Vtec6000

    EK9 B16B Cams F/S

    Item for sale: B16B Type R cams Reputation: Price: 200euro+ delivery cost Paypal?: Yes Location: Ireland Condition: 8/10 Description: Cams from a b16b type r engine. Pictures:
  18. Vtec6000

    Should have stayed seated

    SpeedbumpVBus.flv - YouTube :lol:
  19. Vtec6000

    A Nissan with a difference

    Taught you guys would like to see this it's a race car that was built by Brian Sexton & Jomo Engineering here in Ireland. The car is a Nissan Pulsar but the rolling chassis along with suspension and brake setup has undergone major modifications and what better engine to put in it than a k20...
  20. Vtec6000

    EK9 Prefacelift Rear Lights

    Item for sale: EK9 Prefacelift rear lights. Reputation: Price: 100euro ono. Paypal?: Yes Location: Galway, Ireland. Condition: Very good condition no cracks or scratches. Description: Will fit 96-00 EK model civic. Picture