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  1. db-89

    98 spec RTA differences

    They do look the same,I'm thinking it is the bearing/hub that could be wrong. I have done alignment twice and the rear toe is slightly off but within oe spec. I might just pull the discs off and see if there is a difference . Ps had a look at your DC2 build
  2. db-89

    98 spec RTA differences

    my 98 spec had the rear trailing arm changed at some stage,just wondering is there differences in the models of integras ? I don't seem to have as much of a gap between the rta and the wheel inner lip as I do the otherside,the wheel bearing was changed on that side and I'm thinking that could be...
  3. db-89

    A bit of ABS help please...

    Sorry for the thread bump but just wondering if the abs sensor looked the same? I'm having abs issues with a dc2 and if the abs sensor from a civic fits then I can rewire it,I'm just finding alot of sensors that don't look like it so not sure if they will work
  4. db-89

    Ek4 Rear abs sensor into DC2

    I seen it but I'm in Ireland so after customs it'll be around 500 euro I'm reading an old post on here where a member is saying all honda rear disc brake sensors will work but just different plugs but its hard find a sensor that looks like the Dc2 one
  5. db-89

    Ek4 Rear abs sensor into DC2

    Iv a failed rear left abs sensor on my 98DC2 ,the availability on these is now extremely poor new and secondhand. Has anyone rewired an ek4 one into a dc2? The sensor itself looks correct but the plug is wrong so it will need to be repinned to the dc2 connection. Alternatively does anyone know...
  6. db-89

    mugen airbox

    does anyone know if the ek9 and dc2 mugen airbox's are the same item? iv found part numbers online and they are different but maybe this is different brackets? thanks
  7. db-89

    Parts For Sale

    is the mugen airbox ek9 or dc2 fitment? thanks
  8. db-89

    Jdm dc2 type rx reputation :)

    have now dealt with Aaron twice now and hes a very genuine honest seller,gladly recomend him! Thanks Again Derek
  9. db-89

    B18 Distributor ICM

    looking to replace my ICM as its on the way out.where can i buy one? im from ireland so an EU seller would be better thanks
  10. db-89

    98 spec Integra Type R

    few bits done today. got the proper rear calipers and painted them up, took off the rear under brace and painted it in satin championship white. there was some dress up bolts in the engine bay so i got rid of the wing bolts ones and painted up oem bolts to replace them with front calipers...
  11. db-89

    Sloppy's Midori Hatch

    cool car. love this colour on eks
  12. db-89

    dc5 oem shifter box, dc2/ek9 jdm cat, dc2 passenger headlight

    is the teg headlight 98 or 96 spec?
  13. db-89


    im the same!! have the push on for japfest ,probably throw the car on the handa haven stand if i get it finished on time
  14. db-89

    98 spec Integra Type R

    when i bought the car it had a single din cd player in the dash just sat in , iv since bought a jap sony cd and cassette player . the car also had an SiR centre console and armrest so that will be going and the original Type R one will be taking its place . The drivers bolster has the usual wear...
  15. db-89

    98 spec Integra Type R

    now to future proof the car. i stripped off all the inner guards and removed the black sealer someone had put on. all the suspension was removed,wire brushed and painted satin black. the lower arms werent done as i want to changed the bushes soon . any rust was ground back and treated before...
  16. db-89

    98 spec Integra Type R

    first things to do to the car was change all the fluids. Motul engine oil,Hamp filter,oem MTF gear oil.New thermostat as the old one was changed and a nasty ass job was done,changed coolant aswell
  17. db-89

    98 spec Integra Type R

    so i took a few fancy pics of the car before i went about my way with it
  18. db-89


    ya may bring her to the honda day ,i think its in october in mondello
  19. db-89


    tidy eg9,have a serious soft spot for them!
  20. db-89

    Si's second attempt at a DC2

    thats a tidy teg!!engine bay looks perfect